Are you looking for a unique and nature-inspired name for your feline companion? Look no further! Our list of the top 100 wildlife-inspired cat names features a wide range of options, from majestic creatures like “Lion” and “Tiger” to more subtle options like “Otter” and “Fox.” Whether you’re looking for a fierce or a gentle name, you’ll find the perfect fit for your cat on this list.

Wildlife-Inspired Male Cat Names


Is your new male cat at heart a wild and regal creature? Give him a good name from our list of names for boys that are based on animals. From “Simba” to “Bear” and “Grizzly” to “Wolf,” these names will give your cat a strong and unique personality. You’ll find the right name for your cat on this list, whether you want a strong name or one that honors the animal kingdom.

  • Kodiak

Kodiak is a bold, commanding name for your cat, evoking thoughts of the Kodiak bear, a huge type of bear endemic to Alaska. Your cat will be as tough and devoted as its namesake, and it will make a terrific friend.

  • Grizzly

Grizzly is a strong name for your cat. It’s sure to give them the courage and strength they need to take on any challenge, and their fearless nature will make them loyal companions.

  • Simba

Simba is the perfect name for a cat who is powerful like a lion but also loves to relax and enjoy the good life.

  • Falcon

Falcon is a cat name inspired by falcons. This bird of prey is known for its beauty, speed, and grace, which makes it a great choice for any cat.

  • Bobcat

Bobcat is a cat name inspired by the bobcat, a wild member of the cat family. This name is a great choice for your cat if you want to pick something unique and different than the usual cat name.

  • Coyote

Coyote is a name that is both wild and smart. It’s perfect for a cat who likes to hunt mice in the backyard and curl up on your lap for belly rubs.

  • Ocelot

This Ocelot is the perfect name for a cat who loves to explore and be outdoors. You’ll never have to worry about your Ocelot getting lost—this cat will always find its way home!

  • Wolf

Wolf is the embodiment of the wild. This name is perfect for a cat that loves to roam, and it’s also a great choice for someone who just wants to be in touch with their inner animal.

  • Panther

Panther is a big cat that lives in the jungle. You can find them in India and Africa. They are very fast and strong. They are also very shy, so you might not see one unless you’re lucky!

  • Bigfoot

Bigfoot is a big, furry cat who loves to cuddle with you. He’s also very curious about the world around him!

  • Cheetah

is a cat name inspired by the world’s fastest land mammal? It’s also ideal for a cat that enjoys running about and exploring, so it’s a terrific pick for any kitty who needs to stay active.

  • Lynx

This is an excellent name for cats with exceptional eyesight and hearing, enabling them to hunt even in the dark.

  • Moose

This name is perfect for cats with big personalities who like being the focus of attention! The word “Moose” implies strength and power, yet it may signify tenderness and delicacy if used correctly.

Female Wildlife-Inspired Cat Names


Give your feline companion a name that honors the beauty and grace of the animal kingdom with our selection of female wildlife-inspired names. From “Butterfly” to “Deer” and “Owl” to “Swan”, these names will give your cat a unique and delicate identity. Whether you’re looking for a gentle and elegant name or one that celebrates nature, you’ll find the perfect fit for your cat on this list.

  • Sheba

Sheba is a name that’s inspired by the beauty of wildlife. This name is perfect for a cat who loves to explore and hang out with her human.

  • Scarlett

Scarlett is a bold and confident name for a cat. This female name is inspired by one of the most famous cats in history, Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind.

  • Dalia

This female cat’s name combines “Dahlia” and “Alia.” Dahlias are beautiful flowers in various colors, and Alia means “one who flies.”

  • Raven

Raven is a name that evokes the strength and power of a bird with a sharp beak and talons. It also calls to mind the mysteriousness of the night, when all sorts of creatures are out and about. This name is perfect for a cat who loves to explore, or just to be left alone with their thoughts.

  • Phoenix

Phoenix is a fiery name that means rebirth and renewal, making it the perfect choice for a cat who’s always been there for you.

  • Savannah

Savannah is a spirited young cat who loves to play and explore. She is also extremely affectionate and loves to snuggle.

  • Ivory

A graceful and elegant cat, Ivory is the perfect name for a female feline. It’s also a great choice if you’re looking for something that’s not too complicated or long.

  • Saffron

Saffron is a beautiful name that comes from the spice of the same name. It’s also a great choice if you’re looking for something that’s not too complicated or long.

  • Cleo

Cleo is a beautiful, strong name that means “shining one.” It’s perfect for your cat, who shines in your heart with her love.

Cleo, pronounced “Klee-oh,” is a play on Cleopatra. If you love cats and you love history, this is the name for you.

  • Zuri

Zuri is a Swahili name meaning “beautiful” or “bright.” It’s perfect for a cat with all these qualities: beauty and light!

  • Kaya

Kaya is Hawaiian for “life force.” This will be a fantastic choice if your cat gives you life force every day!

  • Wren

Wren is a bird name that means “song” or “melody.” This could be an excellent choice if you have an especially melodious cat!

best wildlife-inspired cat names

  • Catnip

This cat name is a pun on the phrase “catnap,” and it’s likely to suit your feline pet. This is the name for you if you want something distinctive!

  • Puma 

Pumas are fast predators that can reach up to 30 miles per hour! Mountain lions and cougars are other names for them. With this feline’s speed and power, we believe Puma would be an excellent pick for your child.

  • Bengal

Since the 1930s, the Bengal has been produced in captivity as a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat. They are distinguished by their long coats and huge ears, which set them apart from other felines.

  • Jaguar

The Jaguar is a large wild cat native to the Americas. It is a formidable beast noted for its speed, agility, and strength. The jaguar represents strength, power, and fearlessness.

  • Cheetah

Cheetah is the quickest of all cats, sleek, swift, and aggressive.

  • Panda

The black and white bear-like species that lives in China and eats bamboo shoots would be an excellent name for your new pet cat.

  • Tiger Lilly

Tiger Lilly is a common name for cats with tiger stripes. Lily is a popular female cat name.

  • Cougar

Cougar (or cougar cub) – A lion-like cat native to the Americas, cougar (or cougar cub) is a fun and ferocious name for your new pet cat.

  • Snowball

Snowball is a great name for any cat that is as soft and fluffy as a snowball.

  • Peacock

Peacocks are beautiful and elegant creatures, so why not give your cat a similarly beautiful name that reflects its stunning beauty?

  • Cougar

Cougars are powerful cats with big teeth, so what better name for a cat that’s just as strong and fierce?

  • Fennec Fox

Fennec foxes are small but mighty creatures, so why not give your feline friend the same spirit?

  • Orca

Your cat’s name should be Orca. It’s also an excellent pick if you like aquatic species such as killer whales.

  • Cheetah

Cheetah is a sleek and quick-moving cat name. If you want something more exotic, this may be the name for you!

  • Tree frog

The tree frog is perfect for cat lovers looking for something that sounds like it originated from the forest or jungle. If your cat has green eyes or likes climbing trees, this is the name for him!

  • Kangaroo

Kangaroo is a cute name that symbolizes how kangaroos leap around on their hind legs—your cat will adore it!

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