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Choosing the perfect name for your pet is an important part of the pet ownership journey. It’s especially true when you acquire a turtle – those cute, calm, and quirky creatures who quickly become family members. Whether male or female, a striking, one-of-a-kind name adds charm to your shelled friend. We’ve curated a list of 80+ unisex turtle names to help you pick the perfect name for your pet.

Tips for Naming Your Unisex Turtle Names 

Choosing a unisex name for your turtle can be exciting and fun. Ensure the name reflects your turtle’s unique personality or color pattern. Consider its habits and habitat. Remember, names with one or two syllables are easier to pronounce. You might also think of popular culture references, like “Ninja” from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ultimately, the name should resonate with you and your turtle!

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What Are The Best Unisex Turtle Names? 

  • Darwin
  • William
  • Ivy
  • Leo
  • Skylar
  • Meadow
  • Juniper
  • Bentley
  • Atlas
  • Marley 

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Unisex Turtle Names Male

Photo: GreatPetPlace Team
  • Koopa: Playful gamer charm.
  • Hamilton: Distinguished and regal.
  • Bentley: Classy and posh.
  • Darwin: Intellectual explorer spirit.
  • Drax: Bold and mysterious.
  • William: Classic and timeless.
  • Beeschurger: Quirky foodie twist.
  • Tort: Short and straightforward.
  • Himalaya: Majestic and grand.
  • Shackleton: Adventurous explorer vibes.
  • Binoo: Playful and unique.
  • Bella: Graceful and lovely.
  • Lorna: Soft and gentle.
  • Stuffed-shell: Humorous and creative.
  • Lil Tort: Adorably tiny.

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Unisex Turtle Names Female

Photo: GreatPetPlace Team
  • Tootsie Roll: Sweet and playful.
  • Lyanna: Enchanting and elegant.
  • Bubbet: Bubbly and cute.
  • Baby Spud: Charming and endearing.
  • Ivory: Pure and elegant.
  • Baphomet: Uniquely mystical.
  • Argus: Strong and watchful.
  • Variations: Everchanging allure.
  • Lotus: Serene and graceful.
  • Trallgra: Mysterious and captivating.
  • Tootsie roll: Playfully delightful.
  • Steve: Unexpectedly classic.
  • King Tut: Regal and historical.
  • Galileo: Intellectual and curious.
  • Squirt: Energetic and small.

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Cute Unisex Turtle Names

Photo: GreatPetPlace Team
  • Sherlock: Clever and inquisitive.
  • Boxer: Energetic and strong.
  • Snow: Pure and serene.
  • Shelly: Classic turtle charm.
  • Sandy: Relaxed coastal vibe.
  • Beau: Handsome and charming.
  • Speedy: Playful and quick.
  • Harper: Trendy and musical.
  • Frankie: Friendly and approachable.
  • Leo: Confident and bold.
  • Geo: Earthy and grounded.
  • Tetris: Quirky and fun.
  • Kali: Strong and fierce.
  • Dotty: Adorably dotted.
  • Spot: Simple and cute.

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Discover a diverse selection of names suitable for male and female pet turtles with our Popular Unisex Turtle Names collection. Whether you’re looking for a name that exudes charm or captures their unique personality, you will find the perfect fit for your shelled companion.

  • Cookie: Sweet and lovable.
  • Circuit: Modern and techy.
  • Templeton: Distinguished and wise.
  • Lester: Classic and timeless.
  • Joshua: Friendly and welcoming.
  • Tute: Short and unique.
  • Tortellini: Whimsical and playful.
  • Louis: Regal and elegant.
  • Speedy: Energetic and quick.
  • Marbles: Playfully diverse.
  • Atlas: Strong and enduring.
  • Shellby: Turtle-themed charm.
  • Sandy: Relaxed coastal vibe.
  • Pebble: Small and simple.
  • Finn: Adventure-ready.

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Creative Unisex Turtle Names

Photo: GreatPetPlace Team
  • Marley: Laid-back and cool.
  • Casey: Friendly and approachable.
  • Riley: Playful and cheerful.
  • Harper: Trendy and musical.
  • Quinn: Unisex charm.
  • Alex: Versatile and friendly.
  • Charlie: Classic and warm.
  • Morgan: Strong and mysterious.
  • Taylor: Gender-neutral elegance.
  • Avery: Graceful and sophisticated.
  • Bailey: Playful and inviting.
  • Jamie: Lively and dynamic.
  • Jordan: Sporty and energetic.
  • Cameron: Diverse and charming.
  • Dakota: Earthy and adventurous.

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Unisex Names Inspired by Nature 

Discover a collection of unisex names that draw inspiration from the beauty and wonder of the natural world, offering a harmonious blend of gender-neutral identity and organic elements.

  • Skylar: Airy and open.
  • River: Fluid and calming.
  • Sky: Expansive and limitless.
  • Willow: Graceful and serene.
  • Oakley: Strong and enduring.
  • Meadow: Tranquil and peaceful.
  • Cedar: Sturdy and natural.
  • Finch: Playful and cheerful.
  • Indigo: Mystical and captivating.
  • Sage: Wise and calming.
  • Rowan: Strong and resilient.
  • Fern: Delicate and lush.
  • Juniper: Unique and aromatic.
  • Aspen: Tall and majestic.
  • Lark: Joyful and melodic.

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Our Personal Opinion: 

Turtles come in various genders, but unisex names are a great way to be inclusive and creative. Caretakers can choose names that reflect the turtle’s personality rather than following gender stereotypes. This is a fun and modern way to celebrate diversity in pet naming.


What are unisex turtle names?

Unisex turtle names can be used for male and female turtles without being specific to a particular gender.

Why choose unisex names for turtles?

Opting for unisex turtle names allows you to avoid gender stereotypes and provide a name that fits your turtle’s personality without concerning its gender.

Can unisex names be used for any turtle species?

Yes, unisex names are versatile and can be used for any turtle species. Whether you have a box turtle, red-eared slider, or painted turtle, you can choose a suitable unisex name.

Do unisex turtle names have any cultural significance?

Unisex names often transcend cultural boundaries, making them suitable for a diverse range of turtle owners. They allow you to embrace your turtle’s individuality without being tied to specific cultural norms.

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