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Adopting a turtle and seeking a quirky, “ugly” name is an unparalleled source of joy.

Instead of a classic name, why not venture into a humorous name? It brings a unique personality to your pet, causing chuckles and memorability.

After all, humor wraps hilarity in love, even in naming turtles!

Tips For Naming Your Ugly Turtle Names

  • Play with Famous Monsters and Villains: Embrace the ugly by drawing inspiration from famous movie monsters or literary villains. These characters often have interesting and unique names that can suit a less-than-attractive turtle. Examples: “Frankenshell,” “Slimer,” “Jabba the Hut,” or “Fuglystein.”
  • Get Inspired by Unconventional Adjectives: Think of creative adjectives that accurately describe the appearance or personality of your ugly turtle. Consider words like “lumpy,” “grumpy,” “wrinkled,” and “slimy.” Combine these phrases with something turtle- or animal-related, e.g., “Slimy Snapper” or “Lumpalot.”
  • Use Humorous Rhymes and Alliteration: Make your turtle’s name memorable and entertaining by using rhymes or alliteration. This technique adds fun to the name while highlighting the turtle’s unique appearance. Examples: “Ruggedly Rugged Ralph,” “Wrinkly Wally,” or “Craggy-Shell Kelly.”
  • Look to Myths and Legends: Ancient myths and legends are filled with unusual creatures and characters, which makes them a great source of inspiration for your ugly turtle’s name. You can use names such as “Grendel,” “Medusa,” “Cyclops,” or even “Hydra.”
  • Create a Unique and Personal Portmanteau: Blend parts of two or more words to create a new and original name for your ugly turtle. The aim is to capture the turtle’s looks and personality in a memorable dish. For example, you can combine “spiky” and “turtle” to get “Spurtle” or merge “grotesque” and “snapper” to come up with “Grotapper.”

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What Are The Best Ugly Turtle Names?

  • Goober
  • Pudge
  • Grubbly
  • Snaggle
  • Barnacle
  • Guffaw
  • Titter
  • Screech
  • Wheezy
  • Soggy

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Ugly Turtle Names Male

Ugly Turtle Names Male
Photo: GreatPetPlace Team
  • Grumpy: Furious Frowner
  • Snaggle: Toothed Trouble
  • Muck: Dirty Dweller
  • Slimy: Slippery Slacker
  • Grunt: Grouchy Growler
  • Gobble: Greedy Guzzler
  • Smirk: Sly Schemer
  • Gloopy: Gooey Grouch
  • Blot: Blemished Beast
  • Scowl: Angry Annoyance
  • Whiff: Stinky Stumbler
  • Scrunt: Bedraggled Buddy
  • Gawk: Awkward Observer
  • Warp: Wonky Wanderer
  • Droop: Droopy Disposition

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Ugly Turtle Names Female

Ugly Turtle Names Female
Photo: GreatPetPlace Team
  • Gruntessa: Surly Sovereign
  • Pew: Odorous Offender
  • Surface: Bitter Beauty
  • Lurching: Lopsided Lady
  • Snoot: Haughty Hider
  • Grunge: Grimey Gal
  • Grackle: Rude Rustler
  • Spew: Messy Matron
  • Sludge: Mucky Maiden
  • Fowl: Unfriendly Feline
  • Stench: Smelly Sweetheart
  • Drape: Drab Dame
  • Glitch: Jittery Jezebel
  • Slosh: Soggy Sister
  • Screech: Scratchy Soprano

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Ugly Turtle Names Unisex 

“Ugly Turtle Names Unisex” is a compilation of humorously unattractive and unique names suitable for all genders of pet turtles.

  • Goober: Goofy Goon
  • Sludge: Swampy Straggler
  • Slop: Muddled Miser
  • Molder: Fungus Friend
  • Crud: Crusty Critter
  • Snarl: Grumpy Grappler
  • Muckface: Filthy Friend
  • Flap: Floundering Fellow
  • Gloop: Sticky Star
  • Skulk: Sneaky Scrounger
  • Spatter: Splattered Sibling
  • Blotch: Bumpy Buddy
  • Glum: Dour Dabbler
  • Wrinkle: Wrinkled Wanderer
  • Lumpy: Bumpy Bouncer

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Cute Ugly Turtle Names

Cute Ugly Turtle Names
Photo: GreatPetPlace Team
  • Scuffy: Adorable Abomination
  • Squee: Squeaky Sweetie
  • Grubbly: Grubby Grinner
  • Snookums: Snuggly Sensation
  • Waddle: Wiggly Wooer
  • Deary: Delightful Derp
  • Pudge: Plump Pup
  • Squishface: Squashable Squirt
  • Fizzog: Fizzy Funster
  • Spritz: Sprightly Squint
  • Wheezy: Whimsical Wobbler
  • Fuzzle: Fuzzy Fumbler
  • Tubbly: Tubby Tumbler
  • Smush: Smooshable Smile
  • Blobby: Bubbly Blimp

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Ugly Sea Turtle Names

Ugly Sea Turtle Names
Photo: GreatPetPlace Team
  • Barnacle: Crusty Cruiser
  • Soggy: Saturated Swimmer
  • Brine: Salty Soarer
  • Drench: Drenched Drifter
  • Scrabble: Scratchy Sailor
  • Murk: Mysterious Mariner
  • Dampy: Dewy Diver
  • Splutter: Splashy Spouter
  • Mussel: Muscular Mumbler
  • Snork: Noisy Navigator
  • Seaweed: Tangly Traveler
  • Bris: Windy Wanderer
  • Kelp: Floating Floater
  • Soaker: Soggy Sojourner
  • Froggy: Leaping Lurker

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Funny Ugly Turtle Names 

“Funny Ugly Turtle Names” is a list that presents amusing and uniquely unattractive monikers for your pet turtle.

  • Snicker: Snide Snacker
  • Chuckles: Cheeky Chortler
  • Guffaw: Giggly Grinner
  • Cackle: Cackling Companion
  • Snortle: Snorting Snuggler
  • Wheeze: Wheezing Wag
  • Titter: Tittering Teaser
  • Jestface: Jeering Joker
  • Chortle: Chuckling Chum
  • Gag: Giggling Goof
  • Smirklez: Smirking Scamp
  • Snirk: Sassy Surpriser
  • Giggle: Giggling Gusher
  • Jester: Joking Jumper
  • Snuffle: Snuffling Silly


Caught up in laughter reading these turtle names?

It’s your turn now! Let us know which name you found the funniest, or even better, suggest your hilarious turtle names.

Share your thoughts in the comments below! Let’s keep the smiles coming.


What are ugly turtle names?

Ugly turtle names are unconventional, humorous, and unattractive names for pet turtles, often meant to bring a smile to the owner’s face and create a unique, memorable identity for the shelled friend.

Are these names for male or female turtles?

Ugly turtle names are typically unisex, meaning they are suitable for both male and female pet turtles. These names’ quirky and unexpected nature is not limited to one gender.

Why would someone choose an ugly turtle name?

Some owners may find it entertaining to give their pet turtle a creative and amusing name that breaks away from traditional, cute, or gender-specific options. These names can be a great conversation starter and showcase the owner’s sense of humor.

Can you provide examples of ugly turtle names?

Some examples of ugly turtle names include:






Remember that these are just a few ideas and the endless possibilities for ugly turtle names.

Can I use these names for other pets or just turtles?

While the primary focus of this list is on pet turtles, the names are versatile enough and could be used for other pet species as well. Feel free to use these unique and amusing names for various pets, adding a touch of humor and nonconformity to your animal companions.

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