Top 170+ Cute Ancient Cat Names Inspired By Ancient Civilization

You love your cat. You want to give her the best life possible, which means giving her a name that’s as beautiful and unique as she is.

So why not look to the ancient world for inspiration? The Egyptians were known for their superstitions and love of cats, which means they had many words that describe our feline friends in a way we can still relate to today.

If you want a cat name that’s different and interesting—and maybe even a little magical—then the Egyptian, Greek, and Greece language are full of beautiful words that are perfect for your precious little kitty.

We’ve put together a list of the top 150 most adorable cat names from ancient civilizations. You’re sure to find a name that fits your kitty perfectly.

Top 10 Ancient Cat Names

Top 10 Ancient Cat Names

If you want to give your kitten a meaningful name unlike what other cat owners might choose, consider one of these ancient feline names.

These are the top ten names that we think are the best of the bunch.

  • Sekhmet (Egyptian)
  • Wadj-Hapy (Egyptian)
  • Tartarus (Greek)
  • Loki (Norse)
  • Tefnut (Egyptian)
  • Odysseus (Greek)
  • Pasht (Egyptian)
  • Amente (Egyptian)
  • Bastet (Egyptian)
  • Maneki Neko (Japanese)

Ancient Male Cat Names

These uncommon cat names are perfect for your male feline friend. They will make him stand out from the crowd while still being unique and memorable to you.

  • Zeus  (The Greek thunder, lightning, and sky)
  • Apollo (Greek music and poetry.)
  • Bastet (An Egyptian associated with cats.)
  • Ceres (Roman agriculture.)
  • Rufus  (This Latin name is usually translated as red-haired in English.)
  • Leander (This ancient name means “lion man” in Greek.)
  • Kieran (This unique name comes from the Irish word for “little dark one.”)
  • Julien (Meaning “youthful,” this moniker is perfect for an energetic pet.)
  • Hilarion (This name comes from the Greek word hilarious, which means “cheerful.”)
  • Galahad (The son of Lancelot, this knight was known for his morality and bravery.)
  • Casimir (This Eastern European moniker means “announcing peace.”)
  • Adonis  (In Greek mythology, this handsome deity was the god of beauty and desire.)
  • Caesar  (This name was inspired by the Roman emperor, Julius Caesar.)
  • Oisin (This Irish name means “little deer.”)
  • Horus  (This name comes from the Egyptian god of war, Horus.)

Ancient Female Cat Names

Ancient Female Cat Names
image credit: sobuj,pixabay,canva

Many ancient cultures referred to their cats in imaginative ways; some of these names can be used for either gender. 

The following is a list of some of the most famous ancient cat names, along with their meanings:

  • Abu-Lughod  (In Arabic, this means “the mother of the cat.”)
  • Abyssinian (Named for the old Ethiopian people who held cats in high regard.)
  • Alexandria  (Named after the ancient Egyptian city of Alexandria.)
  • Marcella  (This name was used in ancient Rome. It means “to comfort” or “comforting.”)
  • Sabina (A variant of Sabine, this name was used in ancient Rome. It means “from the Sabine tribe.”)
  • Vitellia  (This name was used in ancient Rome. It means “offspring of a duck.”)
  • Amon-Re (Egyptian)
  • Cleopatra (Greek)
  • Cyrillia (Gallic)
  • Leda (Greek)
  • Marcella (Roman)
  • Minerva (Roman)
  • Nefertiti (Egyptian)
  • Semiramis (Assyrian/Sumerian)
  • Zora (Hebrew/Canaanite)
  • Berenice (Egyptian)

Cool Ancient Cat Names

Cool Ancient Cat Names
image credit: sobuj,pixabay,canva

Ancient cat names are a great idea if you’re looking to give your cat a name that feels like it belongs in another time. Whether you want to honor the history of your feline friend or just want something unique, these ancient cat names will be perfect for you.

  • Ba-Pef (Egyptian)
  • Minerva (Roman)
  • Tefnut (Canaanite)
  • Until-Nana (Sumerian)
  • Persephone (Greek)
  • Eris (Greek)
  • Khufu (Egyptian)
  • Juno (Roman)
  • Selket (Hebrew)
  • Taurus (Roman)
  • Aja (Sumerian)
  • Erishkigal (Sumerian)
  • Hecate (Greek)
  • Dionysus (Greek)
  • Juno (Roman)
  • Orpheus (Greek)
  • Tyche (Greek)
  • Berenice (Egyptian)

Ancient Black Cat Names

If you’re having trouble coming up with a name for your black cat, here are some cool ancient ones. These will fit right in with your feline friend’s personality!

  • Ryo ko (Japanese)
  • Ba’al (Canaanite)
  • Eurydice (Greek)
  • Kazuto (Japanese)
  • Ikaros (Greek)
  • Uluru (Australian Aboriginal)
  • Akiko (Japanese)
  • Arundhati (Indian)
  • Eriko (Japanese)
  • Izanagi (Japanese)
  • Haruka (Japanese)
  • Yuki (Japanese)
  • Nemesis (Greek)
  • Ichiro (Japanese)
  • Izanami (Japanese)

Ancient Warrior Cat Names

The names of ancient warrior cats can be as fierce and noble as the creatures themselves—here are some great suggestions for your new feline friend.

  • Neka (Sumerian)
  • Khnum (Canaanite)
  • Ishtar (Semitic)
  • Gula (Sumerian)
  • Leza (Roman)
  • Toran (Canaanite)
  • Citrine (Greek)
  • Hecate (Greek)
  • Anubis (Egyptian)
  • Nergal (Semitic)
  • Erebus (Greek)
  • Tetsuko (Japanese)
  • Sagitta (Latin)
  • Tatsu ko (Japanese)
  • Nephthys (Egyptian)

Ancient Egyptian Cat Names

In Ancient Egypt, cats were held sacred and thought to protect the dead on their voyage through the afterlife. To honor this belief, Egyptians gave their beloved pets very interesting names!

  • Sobek (Egyptian)
  • Hapi (Egyptian)
  • Wadjet (Egyptian)
  • Hepsetus (Egyptian)
  • Mutemwia (Egyptian)
  • Kebechet (Egyptian)
  • Vulture (Egyptian)
  • Hawk (Egyptian)
  • Lioness (Egyptian)
  • Goose (Egyptian)
  • Beetle (Egyptian)
  • Sparrow (Egyptian)
  • Khepri (Egyptian)
  • Mekhi (Egyptian)
  • Hawk (Egyptian)
  • Lioness (Egyptian)
  • Beetle (Egyptian)

Ancient Roman Cat Names

Ancient Roman Cat Names
image credit: sobuj,pixabay,canva

The Roman era was a time of many great things, one of which was their love for cats. They were considered sacred animals, so there are plenty of exciting cat names that you can choose from!

  • Hephaistos (Roman)
  • Vulcanus (Roman)
  • Sol (Roman)
  • Helios (Roman)
  • Patera (Roman)
  • Apollo (Roman)
  • Venus (Roman)
  • Diana (Roman)
  • Nyx (Roman)
  • Selene (Roman)
  • Bacchus (Roman)
  • Hercules (Roman)
  • Mars (Roman)
  • Ceres (Roman)
  • Mercury (Roman)
  • Bellona (Roman)

Ancient Greek Cat Names

The Ancient Greeks were very artistic and poetic, so it’s no surprise they had some exciting cat names. They loved their cats!

  • Artemis (Greek)
  • Dionysus (Greek)
  • Persephone (Greek)
  • Hestia (Greek)
  • Demeter (Greek)
  • Hera (Greek)
  • Hermes (Greek)
  • Aphrodite (Greek)
  • Pan (Greek)
  • Perseus (Greek)
  • Minotaurus (Greek)
  • Cerberus (Greek)
  • Icarus (Greek)
  • Achilles (Greek)
  • Triton (Greek)
  • Pandora (Greek)
  • Medusa (Greek)
  • Pegasus (Greek)
  • Cyclops (Greek)

Ancient Irish Cat Names

Ancient Irish Cat Names
image credit: sobuj,pixabay,canva

Ancient Irish cat names are a great way to celebrate the Irish heritage that runs through our veins. It’s no secret that we love our kitties, and these Irish cat names will have your fur baby purring with joy.

  • Bran (Irish)
  • Brenna (Irish)
  • Cormac (Irish)
  • Cerridwen (Irish)
  • Druimneach (Irish)
  • Finnbarr (Irish)
  • Granuaile (Irish)
  • Grania (Irish)
  • Kieran (Irish)
  • Lassar (Irish)
  • Leannán (Irish)
  • Mael-Duin (Irish)
  • Morrigu (Irish)
  • Niamh (Irish)
  • Oisin (Irish)
  • Ronan (Irish)
  • Tadhg (Irish)
  • The Dagda (Irish)
  • Tara (Irish)
  • Ui Neill (Irish)


So there you have it, 150 of the best cat names from ancient civilizations. Whether you want something different and beautiful or something that reflects your cat’s unique personality, we hope you find something on this list that fits perfectly.

These names are sure to bring a smile to your face, and they’ll definitely make your kitty feel like royalty. So go ahead and try it—we know you won’t be disappointed!

And if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our other lists of cat names below.

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