Top 120 Chinese male Cat Names

If you’re searching for an original and meaningful name for your male cat, look no further than Chinese culture. China has a rich history and tradition of naming cats, and Chinese names often reflect the personality, appearance, or character of the feline friend.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to 120 unique Chinese male cat names that you can use to add character and significance to your kitty.

we’re sure that this list will provide you with plenty of inspiration to find the perfect name for your cat.

List of my top chosen Chinese male cat names

  • Longwei – Meaning “Dragon Greatness”
  • Junjie – Translates to “Talented Hero”
  • Chen – Signifying “Great, Vast”
  • Xun – Represents “Obedient”
  • Qiang – Stands for “Strong”
  • Hong – Denotes “Vast, Great”
  • Ruyi – Meaning “As One Wishes”
  • Yu – Symbolizes “Jade”
  • Wei – Conveys “Mighty or Powerful”
  • Zhe – Reflects “Peaceful”
  • Bojing – Translates to “Precious Essence”
  • Da – Represents “Big”
  • Huan – Signifies “Joyful”
  • Jianyu – Means “Building Peace”
  • Jinhai – Denotes “Golden Sea”

These names draw inspiration from China’s rich culture and heritage, offering meaningful and unique options for your male feline companion.

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Modern Chinese Male Cat Names

Modern Chinese Male Cat Names

If you want something more contemporary, check out these Chinese male cat names that reflect current trends and popular culture in China:

  • Baozhai (宝塔) – meaning “precious tower”
  • Chen (晨) – meaning “dawn”
  • Huang (黄) – meaning “yellow”
  • Jin (金) – meaning “gold”
  • Longwei (龙伟) – meaning “dragon greatness”
  • Ming (明) – meaning “bright”
  • Shui (水) – meaning “water”
  • Tian (天) – meaning “heaven”
  • Wei (伟) – meaning “greatness”
  • Zhi (智) – meaning “wisdom”
  • Daxuan (大宣) – meaning “great proclamation”
  • Fengbao (风暴) – meaning “storm”
  • Guanheng (冠衡) – meaning “upright and balanced”
  • Jinyu (金瑜) – meaning “golden jade”
  • Liyuan (立远) – meaning “to establish from afar”
  • Mingzhe (明哲) – meaning “bright and wise”
  • Shugen (书根) – meaning “knowledge root”
  • Tiancheng (天成) – meaning “natural creation”
  • Weihong (伟红) – meaning “great and red”
  • Zhixing (志行) – meaning “aspiring and accomplished”
  • Bohan (博翰) – meaning “learned and scholarly”
  • Dongjian (东健) – meaning “eastern health”
  • Fushou (福寿) – meaning “blessing and longevity”
  • Jianguo (建国) – meaning “establishing the country”
  • Lisheng (立胜) – meaning “to win and achieve”
  • Ningwei (宁伟) – meaning “peaceful greatness”
  • Shiyu (世宇) – meaning “worldly and spacious”
  • Tongxin (同心) – meaning “together with the heart”
  • Weijie (伟杰) – meaning “great and heroic”
  • Zhongxin (忠心) – meaning “loyal heart”

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Unique Chinese Male Cat Names

Unique Chinese Male Cat Names

For a more unique and individual name for your male cat, have a look at these  Chinese names that aren’t as common:

  • Anxi (安喜) – meaning “calm joy”
  • Cao (草) – meaning “grass”
  • Cuifen (翠芬) – meaning “pretty flowers”
  • De (德) – meaning “virtue”
  • Fei (飞) – meaning “fly”
  • Hanzhi (瀚智) – meaning “luminous pearl”
  • Jiachen (嘉臣) – meaning “lovable and honest”
  • Lian (莲) – meaning “graceful”
  • Qin (琴) – meaning “precious instrument”
  • Si (思) – meaning “thoughtful”
  • Duanmu (端木) – meaning “straight wood”
  • Fengchao (风潮) – meaning “wind and tide”
  • Guozhi (国治) – meaning “country governance”
  • Jingming (精明) – meaning “clever and bright”
  • Meilun (美伦) – meaning “beautiful and ethical”
  • Qianfan (迁凡) – meaning “moving to the ordinary”
  • Shuixing (水星) – meaning “water star”
  • Tongxin (同心) – meaning “united hearts”
  • Weicong (伟聪) – meaning “great and clever”
  • Zhaokai (朝开) – meaning “morning rising”
  • Baoyu (宝玉) – meaning “precious jade”
  • Dongting (洞庭) – meaning “cave tranquil”
  • Huanzhe (欢喆) – meaning “happy and cheerful”
  • Jiekun (节坤) – meaning “restrained and earthy”
  • Meixiu (美秀) – meaning “beautiful and elegant”
  • Qingtao (晴涛) – meaning “clear waves”
  • Shuxuan (书轩) – meaning “literary pavilion”
  • Tianze (天泽) – meaning “heavenly pond”
  • Weicheng (伟诚) – meaning “great sincerity”
  • Zhixiang (志祥) – meaning “aspiring fortune”

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Adorable Chinese Male Cat Names

Adorable Chinese Male Cat Names
Photo: greatpetplace team

Looking for cute and endearing Chinese names for your male cat? These adorable names are perfect for showcasing the charm and cuteness of your feline companion. Each name comes with its Chinese characters and their respective meanings:

  • Buer (布儿) – meaning “little bear”
  • Caiyun (彩云) – meaning “rainbow cloud”
  • Fuxing (福星) – meaning “lucky star”
  • Jie (洁) – meaning “lucky”
  • Ling (灵) – meaning “clever”
  • Lixue (丽雪) – meaning “pretty snow”
  • Qiao (巧) – meaning “pretty”
  • Ruan (软) – meaning “soft”
  • Tianyu (天雨) – meaning “heavenly rain”
  • Zhihui (智慧) – meaning “intelligent”
  • Aiyu (爱玉) – meaning “loved jade”
  • Caonima (草泥马) – meaning “grass mud horse”
  • Doudou (豆豆) – meaning “bean”
  • Fengye (风叶) – meaning “autumn leaves”
  • Heibai (黑白) – meaning “black and white”
  • Jingjing (晶晶) – meaning “sparkling”
  • Kuaiwei (快微) – meaning “quick and small”
  • Meili (美丽) – meaning “beautiful”
  • Nianhao (年豪) – meaning “yearly prosperity”
  • Tiantian (甜甜) – meaning “sweet”
  • Weizhan (围栈) – meaning “hug and cuddle”
  • Xiaohua (小花) – meaning “little flower”
  • Yexing (夜行) – meaning “night wanderer”
  • Yuanfen (缘分) – meaning “destiny and fate”
  • Zaizai (咱咱) – meaning “ours”
  • Chunman (纯满) – meaning “pure and content”
  • Dandan (蛋蛋) – meaning “little egg”
  • Fufu (福福) – meaning “happiness and blessings”
  • Jianjian (简简) – meaning “simple and straightforward”
  • Xinyin (喜音) – meaning “joyful sound”

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Exotic Chinese Male Cat Names

Exotic Chinese Male Cat Names
Photo: greatpetplace team

Last but not least, these Chinese male cat names are perfect if you’re looking for something a bit more exotic and mysterious:

  • Donghai (东海) – meaning “East Sea”
  • Fan (繁) – meaning “luxuriant”
  • Guanyin (观音) – meaning “Goddess of Mercy”
  • Huoshao (火烧) – meaning “fire tiger”
  • Kongming (孔明) – meaning “brave and wise”
  • Lianhua (莲花) – meaning “lotus flower”
  • Qinglong (青龙) – meaning “green dragon”
  • Ruihan (睿晗) – meaning “courageous”
  • Shenzhou (神州) – meaning “divine state”
  • Wuhan (武汉) – meaning “military achievement”
  • Xuanyu (玄羽) – meaning “mysterious feather”
  • Yunchuan (云川) – meaning “cloudy river”
  • Zhenji (珍吉) – meaning “precious luck”
  • Fengming (风鸣) – meaning “wind echoes”
  • Hualong (华龙) – meaning “magnificent dragon”
  • Jialun (佳伦) – meaning “excellent companion”
  • Kaiming (开明) – meaning “enlightened”
  • Lingjun (灵君) – meaning “spiritual ruler”
  • Nianzu (年祖) – meaning “ancestral year”
  • Ping’an (平安) – meaning “peaceful and safe”
  • Qilin (麒麟) – meaning “mythical creature”
  • Renshen (仁神) – meaning “kindhearted deity”
  • Shuishen (水神) – meaning “water god”
  • Tianlun (天伦) – meaning “heavenly family”
  • Weilan (威蓝) – meaning “powerful and blue”
  • Xichen (夕陈) – meaning “evening grace”
  • Yilong (翼龙) – meaning “winged dragon”
  • Zhenyu (贞愉) – meaning “pure joy”
  • Fengquan (风泉) – meaning “windy spring”
  • Huanxu (幻绪) – meaning “illusionary thoughts”

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FAQ – Chinese male cat names:

How do I pronounce Chinese cat names?
A: Chinese names can be pronounced by sounding out each syllable. For example, “Baozhai” is pronounced as “bow-jai.”

Can I use Chinese male cat names even if I’m not Chinese?

A: Absolutely! Chinese names are not limited to individuals of Chinese descent. You can use them for your cat regardless of your own cultural background.

Are these names based on any specific meaning or significance?
A: Yes, many Chinese names have specific meanings behind them. They can reflect a cat’s appearance, personality traits, or even parts of Chinese mythology.

Can I modify or adapt the Chinese names to suit my preferences?
A: Yes, you can modify or adapt the names to your liking. Feel free to add or remove certain syllables, or even combine different names to create a unique one.

How can I choose the best Chinese name for my male cat?
A: Consider your cat’s personality, appearance, and any traits that stand out. Research the meanings of different names and choose one that resonates with you and your cat.

Can I use these names for other pets, like dogs or rabbits?
A: Absolutely! While these names are specifically chosen for male cats, you can adapt them for other pets as well. Just make sure the name suits the specific animal.


We hope these 120 Chinese male cat names have given you a great starting point to find the perfect name for your cat. Remember, the right name can enhance the bond between you and your feline friend and reflect its unique personality. So have fun choosing the one that best suits your kitty!

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