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Selecting the ideal pet name for a tomboy cat is not just choosing a fur suit. From playful and defiant felines to daring and adventurous felines, these names capture the wild energy of a female cat. Find out why a name is the key to a cat’s world of curiosity and charm. 

What Are The Best Tomboy Cat Names? 

  • Maverick
  • Rebel
  • Bandit
  • Athena
  • Phoenix
  • Xena
  • Zephyr
  • Knox
  • Rogue
  • Harley

 Tomboy Male Cat Names

Photo: GreatPetPlace Team
  • Rocky – Strong, Origin: English
  • Maverick – Independent, Origin: American
  • Rebel – Nonconformist, Origin: English
  • Bandit – Outlaw, Origin: Spanish
  • Blitz – Rapid, Origin: German
  • Diesel – Powerful, Origin: German
  • Thor – Thunder God, Origin: Norse
  • Hunter – Pursuer, Origin: English
  • Rocco – Tough, Origin: Italian
  • Rambo – Fearless, Origin: German
  • Titan – Giant, Origin: Greek
  • Spike – Sharp-pointed, Origin: English
  • Ranger – Protector, Origin: English
  • Max – Greatest, Origin: Latin
  • Duke – Noble, Origin: English

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Tomboy Female Cat Names

Photo: GreatPetPlace Team
  • Rogue – Adventurous, Origin: English
  • Scout – Explorer, Origin: French
  • Harley – Spirited, Origin: English
  • Storm – Powerful, Origin: English
  • Arrow – Swift, Origin: English
  • Phoenix – Resilient, Origin: Greek
  • Xena – Fearless, Origin: Greek
  • Rogue – Adventurous, Origin: English
  • Athena – Wise, Origin: Greek
  • Blaze – Fiery, Origin: English
  • Luna – Moon, Origin: Latin
  • Jinx – Mischievous, Origin: English
  • Nova – New, Origin: Latin
  • Viper – Venomous, Origin: English
  • Skye – Adventurous, Origin: Scottish

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Tomboy Cute Cat Names

Photo: GreatPetPlace Team
  • Zippy – Energetic, Origin: English
  • Peanut – Tiny, Origin: English
  • Noodle – Playful, Origin: English
  • Bubbles – Lively, Origin: English
  • Munchkin – Petite, Origin: English
  • Pippin – Small, Origin: English
  • Wiggles – Fidgety, Origin: English
  • Tinker – Clever, Origin: English
  • Sprout – Growing, Origin: English
  • Snickers – Amusing, Origin: English
  • Peaches – Sweet, Origin: English
  • Puddles – Splashy, Origin: English
  • Bounce – Energetic, Origin: English
  • Fuzzy – Fluffy, Origin: English
  • Breezy – Carefree, Origin: English

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Tomboy Cool Cat Names

Photo: GreatPetPlace Team
  • Axel – Edgy, Origin: Scandinavian
  • Jagger – Rocking, Origin: English
  • Blade – Sharp, Origin: English
  • Echo – Reverberating, Origin: Greek
  • Rebel – Nonconformist, Origin: English
  • Zephyr – Breezy, Origin: Greek
  • Dash – Swift, Origin: English
  • Raven – Dark, Origin: English
  • Zara – Bold, Origin: Arabic
  • Aria – Melodious, Origin: Italian
  • Knox – Strong, Origin: English
  • Ryder – Adventurous, Origin: English
  • Scout – Explorer, Origin: French
  • Harley – Spirited, Origin: English
  • Quinn – Unisex, Origin: Irish

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Tomboy Funny Cat Names 

Tomboy Funny Cat Names: Playful and spirited monikers for feline friends with a humorous twist.

  • Whiskerz – Whiskered, Origin: English
  • Biscuit – Snack, Origin: English
  • Purrlock Holmes – Detective Cat, Origin: Fictional
  • Meowster – Meowing Master, Origin: English
  • Furrball – Furry Ball, Origin: English
  • Sir Scratchalot – Scratching Knight, Origin: Humorous
  • Fluffykins – Fluffy Darling, Origin: English
  • Captain Claws – Clawed Leader, Origin: English
  • Fuzzywig – Fuzzy Wiggle, Origin: Playful
  • Patrick Swayze – Cat Version of Patrick Swayze, Origin: Humorous
  • Whiskering – Whiskered, Origin: Italian-sounding
  • Fernando – Furry Fernando, Origin: Playful
  • Paws Malone – Pawsy Gangster, Origin: Humorous
  • Meowgician – Meowing Magician, Origin: Humorous
  • Wigglesworth – Wiggly, Origin: English

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Our Personal Opinion: 

A tomboy cat name is a great option for cats with adventurous and independent personalities. It conveys a sense of autonomy and power, making it ideal for cats exploring and playing without fear. Whether your cat is male or female, selecting a tomboy cat name can add a touch of individuality and charm to your pet’s personality. 


What are some popular tomboy cat names?

Some popular tomboy cat names are Scout, Maverick, Ripley, Max, and Hunter.

Are there any gender-specific names for tomboy cats?

While tomboy cat names are often associated with male names, they can be used for any gender. Names like Charlie, Riley, and Blake exemplify gender-neutral options that suit tomboy cats.

How do I choose a suitable tomboy name for my cat?

To select an appropriate tomboy name for your cat, consider their personality, behaviour, and physical attributes. Look for words that convey strength, independence, and adventurousness.

Can I use a human name for my tomboy cat?

Yes, you can use a human name for your tomboy cat. Many pet owners choose human names for their cats, which can add a personal touch to their identity.

My cat doesn’t act traditionally “tomboyish”. Can I still choose a tomboy name?

Absolutely! A cat’s personality can vary widely, and the name you select doesn’t have to reflect stereotypical behaviours. The name should reflect how you see your cat and the qualities you find endearing or fitting for them. Choose a name that resonates with you and your cat, regardless of traditional expectations.

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