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Are you searching for the perfect name for your majestic feline companion? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of 150 regal cat names that exude elegance and grace. Whether you have a male or female cat, a unique or classic breed, or a black, white, or grey fur coat, we’ve got you covered. Choose from the following categories and find the perfect regal name that suits your noble cat.

Regal Cat Names for Male

Photo: Saddam Hossain ,Canva,Pixabay
  • Oliver: A name that signifies “olive tree,” symbolizing peace and wisdom.
  • Leo: Derived from the Latin word for “lion,” representing strength and courage.
  • Maximus: A Latin name meaning “the greatest,” ideal for a regal and magnificent cat.
  • Sebastian: This name of Greek origin means “venerable” or “revered,” fitting for a cat with a noble presence.
  • Arthur: A legendary name associated with King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, representing nobility and chivalry.
  • Theodore: Meaning “gift of God,” this name portrays a sense of divine grace and sophistication.
  • Atticus: Derived from a Greek name, Atticus signifies intelligence and wisdom, making it suitable for a wise and regal cat.
  • Caspian: Inspired by the majestic Caspian Sea, this name carries a sense of grandeur and mystique.
  • Reginald: Derived from the Latin word “regalis,” meaning royal, this name epitomizes regality and majesty.
  • Xavier: A name of Basque origin, Xavier conveys nobility and grandeur, making it a perfect fit for a regal cat.

Royal Cat Names for Female

  • Victoria: Inspired by Queen Victoria, this name represents power, strength, and a regal demeanor.
  • Amelia: A name associated with nobility and elegance, fitting for a cat with grace and sophistication.
  • Isabella: Derived from the Hebrew name Elisheva, Isabella signifies “devoted to God” and symbolizes beauty and poise.
  • Sophia: This name of Greek origin means “wisdom” and evokes a sense of intelligence and regality.
  • Eleanor: Inspired by Eleanor of Aquitaine, a powerful medieval queen, this name exudes strength and royalty.
  • Alexandra: A name associated with queens throughout history, Alexandra portrays elegance and regal authority.
  • Genevieve: This French name signifies “woman of the race,” symbolizing a noble and sophisticated lineage.
  • Adelaide: Derived from Germanic roots, Adelaide represents nobility and grace, making it a perfect choice for a regal feline.
  • Seraphina: Inspired by angelic beings, this name reflects a sense of divine beauty and majestic charm.
  • Charlotte: Meaning “free man” or “petite,” Charlotte carries a sense of independence and regal femininity.

Regal Unique Cat Names

Photo: Saddam Hossain ,Canva,Pixabay
  • Zephyr: Derived from the Greek god of the west wind, this name represents power and strength.
  • Aurelia: A name derived from the Latin word for “golden,” symbolizing luxury and grandeur.
  • Cassius: Inspired by a Roman family name, Cassius signifies intelligence and refinement.
  • Luna: Representing the moon, Luna carries an air of mystery and regal enchantment.
  • Nikolai: A Russian name associated with nobility, Nikolai represents strength and authority.
  • Giselle: A French name meaning “pledge,” Giselle evokes a sense of loyalty and regal commitment.
  • Orion: Inspired by the constellation, Orion signifies a majestic and powerful presence.
  • Saffron: A name derived from the precious spice, Saffron represents luxury and regal allure.
  • Persephone: This name from Greek mythology symbolizes power, beauty, and regal authority.
  • Cairo: Inspired by the capital city of Egypt, Cairo reflects a sense of grandeur and regal history.

Best Regal Cat Names

  • Magnus: Derived from the Latin word for “great,” Magnus represents magnificence and regal splendor.
  • Athena: Inspired by the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena embodies intelligence and regal grace.
  • Czar: A title used to address an emperor in Russia, Czar epitomizes royalty and authority.
  • Jasmine: Symbolizing elegance and grace, Jasmine is a name associated with regal beauty.
  • Regis: Derived from the Latin word for “king,” Regis represents kingly authority and regal power.
  • Sylvia: Meaning “of the woods,” Sylvia conveys a sense of natural beauty and regal tranquility.
  • Valentino: This name, derived from the Latin word for “strong” and “healthy,” signifies a regal and robust cat.
  • Duchess: A title bestowed upon noblewomen, Duchess represents regal elegance and high status.
  • Emperor: This majestic title denotes supreme authority and represents the pinnacle of regality.
  • Isidore: Derived from the Greek words for “gift” and “God,” Isidore portrays divine regal favor.

Cute Regal Cat Names

Photo: Saddam Hossain ,Canva,Pixabay
Photo: Saddam Hossain ,Canva,Pixabay
  • Prince: A name associated with the heir to a throne, Prince represents youthful regality and charm.
  • Daisy: This delicate and adorable name represents purity and innocence, with a touch of regal sweetness.
  • Oscar: Meaning “divine spear,” Oscar symbolizes regal strength and playfulness.
  • Pearl: Associated with precious gemstones, Pearl signifies regal beauty and elegance.
  • Felix: Derived from the Latin word for “lucky” or “happy,” Felix represents a regal cat with a joyful spirit.
  • Bella: Meaning “beautiful” in Italian, Bella exudes regal charm and grace.
  • Charming: This whimsical name represents a cat with an irresistible and regal charm.
  • Lulu: A cute and playful name, Lulu carries a sense of regal liveliness and joy.
  • Coco: Inspired by the fashion icon Coco Chanel, this name embodies regal style and elegance.
  • Gigi: This adorable name represents a cat with regal sophistication and charm.

Regal White Cat Names

  • Snowflake: This name represents a white cat with a unique and delicate beauty, resembling a falling snowflake.
  • Ivory: Associated with precious white tusks, Ivory signifies regal purity and elegance.
  • Winter: Symbolizing the season of snow and serenity, Winter represents a regal white cat with a calm demeanor.
  • Pearlescent: This name signifies the iridescent quality of pearls and represents a cat with a regal and shimmering white coat.
  • Blanco: Derived from the Spanish word for “white,” Blanco is a simple yet elegant name for a regal white cat.
  • Casper: Inspired by the friendly ghost, Casper represents a playful and regal white feline.
  • Alabaster: A name associated with smooth, white stone, Alabaster signifies regal beauty and elegance.
  • Frost: Symbolizing a winter chill, Frost represents a regal white cat with a cool and majestic presence.
  • Moonbeam: This whimsical name portrays a white cat with a gentle and regal glow, like a beam of moonlight.
  • Ethereal: A name that captures the otherworldly and regal essence of a white cat, evoking a sense of enchantment.

Regal Black Cat Names

Photo: Saddam Hossain ,Canva,Pixabay
  • Midnight: Symbolizing the dark and mysterious night, Midnight represents a regal black cat with an alluring presence.
  • Panther: A name associated with sleek and powerful black felines, Panther represents a regal and formidable cat.
  • Raven: Inspired by the intelligent and mystical bird, the Raven signifies a regal black cat with a touch of enchantment.
  • Salem: This name, inspired by the famous black cat from “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” represents a playful and regal companion.
  • Shadow: Symbolizing the dark and mysterious silhouette, Shadow represents a regal black cat with an air of intrigue.
  • Obsidian: A name derived from a volcanic glass, Obsidian signifies a regal black cat with a smooth and polished presence.
  • Nocturne: This name represents a cat that thrives in the night, embodying a regal and nocturnal allure.
  • Inky: A cute and playful name for a regal black cat, Inky signifies a feline companion with a dark and regal charm.
  • Nyx: Inspired by the Greek goddess of the night, Nyx represents a regal black cat with a mysterious and powerful aura.
  • Phantom: Symbolizing an ethereal and elusive presence, Phantom represents a regal black cat with a touch of magic.

Regal Gray Cat Names

  • Storm: Signifying the power and intensity of a brewing storm, Storm represents a regal gray cat with a commanding presence.
  • Smokey: Inspired by the smoky gray color, Smokey represents a regal cat with a mysterious and enigmatic allure.
  • Asher: Meaning “fortunate” or “blessed,” Asher represents a regal gray cat with a sense of elegance and grace.
  • Misty: Symbolizing a sense of haze and tranquility, Misty represents a regal gray cat with a calm and serene demeanor.
  • Silver: Associated with precious metals, Silver signifies a regal gray cat with a shimmering and luxurious presence.
  • Ghost: This name represents a gray cat with a subtle and regal appearance, resembling a ghostly figure.
  • Dove: Symbolizing peace and purity, Dove represents a regal gray cat with a gentle and noble nature.
  • Merlin: Inspired by the legendary sorcerer, Merlin represents a regal gray cat with a touch of magical wisdom.
  • Stormy: This name captures the tempestuous and regal nature of a gray cat, symbolizing strength and resilience.
  • Luna: Derived from the Latin word for “moon,” Luna signifies a regal gray cat with a celestial and ethereal presence.

With this extensive list of 150 regal cat names, you’re sure to find the perfect name that captures the majestic essence of your feline companion. Whether you prefer traditional, unique, cute, or colour-specific names, there’s something here for every regal cat. Choose a name that resonates with you and reflects the noble qualities of your beloved royal feline. 

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