When welcoming a pet turtle into your family, choosing a suitable, unique, and memorable name is just as important as providing a comfortable habitat and proper care.

With various breeds of turtles, each possessing unique characteristics and features, selecting a name can seem daunting.

This article curates a list of 90+ rare and delightful turtle names inspired by mythology, famous characters, nature, puns, fictional characters, and even celebrities.

Why Choose a Rare Turtle Name

A rare turtle name can make your pet stand out, especially if it reflects your little friend’s personality and attributes.

Unique and charming names can foster a close bond and create a prominent identity for your pet turtle.

You demonstrate a deeper understanding and appreciation of your beloved companion’s species and temperament by evoking your turtle’s persona through its name.

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What Are The Best Rare Turtle Names? 

  • Odin
  • Luna
  • Athena
  • Galileo
  • Cleopatra
  • Neptune
  • Houdini
  • Sapphire
  • Bamboo
  • Django

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Categorized list of names 

Rare Male Turtle Names

Rare Male Turtle Names
Photo: GreatPetPlace Team
  • Achilles: Heroic, mighty name.
  • Apollo: Bright, sunny choice.
  • Atlas: Strong, earthy name.
  • Calypso: Musical, lively selection.
  • Hercules: Bold, firm name.
  • Loki: Cheeky, playful choice.
  • Neptune: Cool, aquatic name.
  • Odin: Wise, solid choice.
  • Poseidon: Majestic, mythical name.
  • Zeus: Supreme, mighty choice.
  • Galileo: Intelligent, historical name.
  • Jupiter: Grand, impressive selection.
  • Orbit: Unique, celestial name.
  • Saturn: Mystical, ringed choice.
  • Cosmo: Modern, space-inspired name.

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Rare Female Turtle Names

Rare Female Turtle Names
Photo: GreatPetPlace Team
  • Athena: Wise, mythical choice.
  • Amber: Warm, jewel-toned name.
  • Bamboo: Earthy, unique selection.
  • Fern: Delicate, green name.
  • Marina: Oceanic, beautiful choice.
  • Moss: Soft, nature-inspired name.
  • Pebbles: Small, adorable choice.
  • Reef: Aquatic, inspiring name.
  • Sapphire: Bright gemstone choice.
  • Verde: Unusual, green name.
  • Willow: Graceful, elegant choice.
  • Astra: Bright, starry name.
  • Luna: Soothing, night-inspired choice.
  • Stella: Classy, starlit name.
  • Jane: Simple, literary choice.

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Mythological & Legendary Rare Turtle Names

Mythological & Legendary Rare Turtle Names” presents an assemblage of uncommon, mythology-inspired turtle names embodying rich cultural folklore and legendary symbolism.

  • Achilles: Greek warrior hero name
  • Apollo: Greek sun god name
  • Athena: Greek wisdom goddess name
  • Atlas: Carried world mythology name
  • Calypso: Greek nymph island name
  • Hercules: Greek strength hero name
  • Loki: Norse trickster god name
  • Neptune: Roman sea god name
  • Odin: Norse wisdom god name
  • Poseidon: Greek sea god name
  • Zeus: Greek sky god name

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Nature & Earthy Rare Turtle Names

Nature & Earthy Rare Turtle Names” features a selection of uncommon and environmentally-inspired names for turtles, reflecting the natural world’s beauty, diversity, and harmony.

  • Amber: Warm fossilized resin name
  • Bamboo: Fast-growing plant name
  • Driftwood: Floaty log beach name
  • Fern: Delicate green plant name
  • Marina: Harbor-inspired coastal name
  • Moss: Soft cushiony plant name
  • Pebbles: Tiny adorable rocks name
  • Reef: Coral underwater structure name
  • Sapphire: Cool blue gem name
  • Verde: ‘Green’ in Spanish name
  • Willow: Graceful tree branch name

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Astronomical Rare Turtle Names

Photo: GreatPetPlace Team
  • Astra: Greek’ star’ name
  • Cosmo: Cosmic space-themed name
  • Galileo: Famous astronomer scientist name
  • Jupiter: Large gas planet name
  • Luna: Roman moon goddess name
  • Neptune: Farthest ice planet name
  • Orbit: Revolving celestial path name
  • Saturn: Unique ringed planet name
  • Sol: Sun in the Spanish name
  • Stella: Latin ‘star’ name

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Literary Rare Turtle Names 

A comprehensive collection of unique and uncommon turtle names inspired by various literary masterpieces.

  • Bramble: Prickly bush name
  • Darcy: Classic literary character name
  • Gatsby: Inspiring, tragic character name
  • Hemingway: Renowned author’s last name
  • Jane: Famous literary heroine name
  • Orwell: Brilliant dystopian author-name
  • Oscar: Prolific Irish playwright name
  • Poe: Gothic author’s last name
  • Scout: Courageous book character name
  • Shelley: Famous romantic poet name

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Food & Beverage Rare Turtle Names

Photo: GreatPetPlace Team
  • Chai: Spiced tea beverage name
  • Coco: Short, sweet name
  • Espresso: Energizing coffee nickname
  • Ginger: Spicy rhizome plant name
  • Macaron: Colorful French dessert name
  • Mocha: Combination of coffee, chocolate
  • Olive: Mediterranean fruit tree name
  • Saffron: Aromatic spice name
  • Sushi: Iconic Japanese cuisine name
  • Waffles: Breakfast dish nickname

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Lighthearted & Fun Rare Turtle Names 

A delightful assortment of whimsical and playful rare turtle names to bring joy and amusement to both owners and turtles alike.

  • Banjo: Music-inspired instrument name
  • Boomerang: Returning Aussie object name
  • Bubbles: Magical floating spheres name
  • Confetti: Celebration-inspired color name
  • Gizmo: Cool mechanical invention name
  • Kazoo: Whimsical musical toy name
  • Marble: Swirly nostalgic sphere name
  • Pogo: Bouncy, spring-loaded name
  • Scribbles: Cute, messy drawing name
  • Twister: Spiraling weather phenomenon name

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Culture & International Rare Turtle Names

A diverse compilation of rare turtle names inspired by various cultural and international backgrounds, reflecting the richness of global heritage.

  • Akira: Japanese ‘bright’ name
  • Django: French-origin Romani name
  • Enzo: Italian ‘home ruler’ name
  • Isla: Spanish ‘island’ name
  • Kai: Hawaiian ‘sea’ name
  • Luka: Slavic ‘light’ name
  • Nikita: Russian ‘victory’ name
  • Rio: Brazilian river name
  • Suri: Persian ‘rose’ name
  • Zara: Arabic’ princess’ name

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Historic & Timeless Rare Turtle Names 

An impressive array of rare turtle names, from historical figures to timeless classics, are perfect for giving your pet a distinctive identity.

  • Archimedes: Greek mathematician name
  • DaVinci: Renaissance man name
  • Edison: Electric inventor name
  • Galileo: Telescope innovator name
  • Houdini: Illusionist escape artist name
  • Plato: Ancient Greek philosopher name
  • Shakespeare: Esteemed playwright name
  • Turing: Codebreaker computer pioneer name
  • Voltaire: French witty philosopher name
  • Wright: Flight pioneer brother’s name

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Royal & Regal Rare Turtle Names 

An exclusive collection of royal and regal rare turtle names befitting a pet of grace and grandeur.

  • Arabella: Eloquent royal name
  • Aurora: Beautiful goddess name
  • Caspian: Regal faun-inspired name
  • Cleopatra: Powerful queen name
  • Duke: Elegant noble title name
  • Frederick: German ‘peaceful ruler’ name
  • Isabella: Royal Spanish queen’s name
  • Leopold: Classic Austrian emperor name
  • Raphael: Italian painter name
  • Victoria: Dominant reign queen name

Here Are Some Others Pet Names:




Personal Opinion: 

Selecting uncommon turtle names with significance can enhance your experience as a pet owner. It humanizes your turtle and gives it a distinct and personal identity. This decision showcases your imagination and willingness to go beyond common names, establishing a unique bond between you and your pet.

Do you know of an exceptional, rare turtle name we haven’t listed? Please share it with us in the comments section!


What are some examples of rare turtle names?

Some rare turtle names include Sheldon, Tortellini, Leonardo, Turtwig, and Crush.

How should I choose a rare name for my turtle?

Consider your turtle’s personality, appearance, and any unique habits when selecting a name, and opt for a name that is both one-of-a-kind and meaningful to you.

Can I use famous turtle characters for my rare turtle names?

Yes, you can use names of famous turtle characters, such as those from movies or TV shows, but remember that some of these names may not be as rare as others.

Why are some turtle names considered rare?

Turtle names are considered rare when they are not commonly used by pet owners or found in popular culture, making them stand out and be more memorable.

Can I change my turtle’s name if I want a rarer one?

Yes, you can change your turtle’s name whenever you want, but it may take some time for your pet to adjust to the new name. Be patient and use positive reinforcement to help your turtle learn its new name.

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