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Ever wondered what your cat would be called if it was a potato? Well, now you don’t have to wonder anymore.

We’ve created a list of 80+ potato-themed cat names for you to consider for your feline friend. Just think about how much fun it would be to call your cat “Yukon Gold” or “Curry.” And it’s not just about the names—what each name represents!

We believe that all cats are special in their way, just like potatoes are special. So why not give them a name that celebrates their individuality and our love for potato-themed things?

Best Potato-Themed Cat Names


Need a cat name with a potato theme? From “Mashed” to “Tater,” these names are unique, funny, and suitable for any cat.

This list of the best potato-themed cat names has something for everyone, whether you love potatoes or want a unique name.

  • Spud – A nice cat name abbreviated from potato.
  • Tater – Another potato-based cat name.
  • Patata – Spanish meaning potato, a unique and worldwide cat name.
  • Pommes – French for potatoes—is a fascinating and refined cat name.
  • Russet – A potato with reddish-brown skin and a somewhat sweet taste—is an unusual and earthy cat name.
  • Tater Tot – a classic American food comprised of grated potatoes cut into little rounds and fried—is commonly used as a humorous and nostalgic cat name.
  • Yams – A starchy tuberous root vegetable sometimes mistaken with sweet potatoes—are used as exotic cat names.
  • Idahome – A playfully regional cat name combining Idaho and “home.”
  • Fritter – A fried pastry made with potatoes or other ingredients—is a fun and delectable cat name.
  • Latke – A jewish potato pancake—is a distinctive cat name.
  • Knish – A potato-filled pastry.
  • Pierogi – Potato-filled dumplings.
  • Poutine – French fries with cheese curds and gravy.
  • Colcannon – Irish mashed potatoes with cabbage or kale.
  • Baked – Oven-cooked potatoes
  • Roasted – Potatoes are baked on a bed of veggies and herbs.
  • Scalloped – Potatoes in a creamy sauce with cheese and breadcrumbs.
  • Fried – Sliced potatoes cooked in hot oil.
  • Chips – Fried potato slices.
  • Fries – Potato strips cooked till crisp.

Potato-Themed Male Cat Names

Potatoes are not only tasty and useful, but they can also give you great ideas for names for your new male cat. From “Fry” to “Spud,” many names have something to do with potatoes. You’re sure to find the perfect name for your furry friend among our potato-themed male cat names, whether you want something fun or more serious.

  • Tubers – This cat name reflects the tasty underground section of the potato plant.
  • McTavish – The Scottish surname “Tavish” is combined with “Mc,” a common Scottish prefix. The name implies a robust, hungry cat.
  • Hasselback – The popular potato cooking technique involves thinly slicing and baking.
  • Hashbrown – The potato-based breakfast meal. It implies a lively, breakfast-loving cat.
  • Mashed – A popular potato side dish.
  • Mr. P – A play on “Mr. Potato,” a famous children’s toy. It indicates a playful cat.
  • Mrs. T – “Mrs. Tater” from “The Mr. Men” is abbreviated to “Mrs.” It symbolizes a kind cat that loves children’s books.
  • Tubbs – A pun on the potato plant’s underground tubers. It denotes an enthusiastic cat who loves digging and exploring.
  • Spudley – A pun on “spud” (slang for potato) and “Dudley” (a common English surname). It implies a fun-loving cat.
  • Potate – A pun on “potato.” It implies a fun-loving cat.
  • Tatertotter – From “tater,” a slang term for potato, and “teeter-totter,” a piece of playground equipment. It implies an active, lively cat.
  • Potato waffle fries are a popular snack. It implies an active, snack-loving cat.
  • Tater Cake – A pun on the terms “tater” (slang for potato) and “cake.” It implies a lively, sweet-loving cat.
  • Fry – The common potato cooking technique. It signifies a lively cat that loves eating and cooking.
  • Masher – A standard kitchen equipment used to mash potatoes. It symbolizes a kind cat that enjoys cooking and comfort food..
  • Boiled – This cat name may be a pun on the simple method of preparing potatoes.
  • Whipped – This name could be a nod to whipped potatoes’ fluffy, airy texture.

Potato-Themed Names for Female Cats


When naming your cat, there are several names to select from, but it’s occasionally entertaining to go outside the box. Potato-themed names are a terrific approach to give your cat a distinctive name they will remember for the rest of their lives.

Here are some suggestions :

  • Piper – A cute name for a cat that likes to play with its food and eat it too!
  • Potato – Simple and to the point! This is a great name for a cat who’s as round as they are sweet!
  • Pea – Like the vegetable, this feline will have plenty of room for growth!
  • Carrot – If you love vegetables, then this is the perfect name for your furry friend!
  • Satsuma – The Japanese Satsuma potato is sweet and nutty.
  • French Fry – This name may be a pun on the famous potato chip snack.
  • Ozette – This name may relate to the uncommon, heirloom Pacific Northwest potato, the Ozette.
  • Magic Molly – Potatoes may be cooked in several ways and have magical powers.
  • Bintje Gold – The Dutch Bintje Gold potato has golden flesh and a sweet, nutty taste.
  • Milva – The French Milva potato has a delicate, creamy texture and rich, buttery taste.
  • Red Cloud – The Red Cloud potato has a crisp, waxy texture and mild, earthy taste.
  • All Blue – The All Blue potato has a deep, nutty taste and delicate, soft texture.
  • La Ratte – The French La Ratte potato is thin, delicate, and buttery.
  • Pimpernel – The tiny, delicate blossoms of the pimpernel plant are commonly used to adorn potato meals.
  • Canela – Spanish Canela potatoes may have inspired this name.
  • Kipfler – Austrian thin, waxy potatoes inspired this cat name.
  • Pontiac – A potato used to make potato chips inspired this cat’s name.
  • Anya – A starchy, creamy potato inspired this cat name.
  • Potatoes au Gratin – This cat name commemorates a French delicacy of sliced potatoes roasted in a creamy sauce and topped with cheese.
  • Potato Pancakes – A popular breakfast meal created by shredding potatoes and frying them is the inspiration for this cat name.
  • Potato Salad – This cat name references a classic side dish created by blending boiling potatoes with mayonnaise, onions, and eggs.
  • Spudette – This potato-themed cat name is a humorous diminutive of “spud,” a slang term for potato.
  • Sweet Tater – Sweet potatoes, which are sweet and nutty, inspired this cat’s name.
  • Ms. Mashed – Mashed potatoes, a traditional side dish prepared by mashing cooked potatoes with butter, milk, and other ingredients, inspired this cat name.

More Cat Name


We hope you liked our list of names for cats that have something to do with potatoes and that it helped you find the right name for your furry friend. Whether your cat is a playful spud or a royal potato king, there is a name on this list that will fit them perfectly. Happy naming!

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