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We all know that a police officer is a public servant. They put their lives on the line to ensure you and your family are safe, and we’re thankful for them every day.

That’s why we’ve made this list of police-themed cat names—to celebrate the brave men and women in blue who keep us all safe!

If you have a cat that looks like a police officer or wants to celebrate the brave men and women in blue who keep us all safe, these are the perfect names!

Best Police-Themed Cat Names

“Unleash your cat’s inner detective with our top picks for police-themed names. From “Officer Whiskers” to “Sergeant Meower”, these names will make your feline friend feel like the top cat on the force.”

  • Donut – A sweet and playful name for a curious and adventurous cat.
  • Columbo – A clever and intelligent cat who is always solving mysteries.
  • Flash – A fast and agile cat who always seems one step ahead of everyone else.
  • Crime-Buster – A fearless and dedicated cat who always gets their man (or cat).
  • Sherlock – A brilliant and deductive cat who always knows the answer.
  • SD.A.R.E. – A tough and intimidating cat who is always ready for action.
  • Law & Order – A no-nonsense cat who always follows the rules and keeps the peace.
  • Commissioner Gordon – A wise and respected cat who is a leader among their fellow officers.
  • Judge Judy – A fair and impartial cat who always makes the right decision.
  • The Chief – A strong and commanding cat in charge of the entire force.
  • Badge – A loyal and trustworthy cat who always wears its badge with pride.
  • Blitz – A fast and powerful cat who always gets the job done.
  • Blue – A calm and collected cat who is always in control.
  • Bullet – A quick and agile cat who is always on the move.
  • Cadet – A young and eager cat just starting a law enforcement career.
  • Chase – A determined and relentless cat who never gives up on a case.
  • Cop – A straightforward and hardworking cat who always gets the job done.
  • Deputy Dawg – A loyal and trustworthy cat who always has its partner’s back.
  • Detective – A sharp and perceptive cat who always knows how to find the truth.
  • SWAT – A cat that has been specially trained for any situation.

Police-Themed Names for Female Cats


“Give your feline companion a strong and powerful name with our list of police-themed names for female cats. From “Detective Claw-ver” to “Officer Purr-kins”, these names will make her feel like a true force to be reckoned with.”

  • Beatrice – Meaning “fortunate,” might suit a cat that provides its owner delight.
  • Harriet – A bold, independent name for an aggressive cat.
  • Scout – A lively and inquisitive name for a mischievous cat.
  • Calamity – This name means “misfortune” and may suit a cat that causes havoc wherever it goes.
  • Molly – This is a lovely name for a kind cat.
  • Angel – This is a nice name for a cat with a halo-like disposition that gives comfort and friendship.
  • Cinnamon – This is a spicy name for a friendly cat.
  • Misty – This name fits a kind cat with silky, silvery hair.
  • Margo – This is a powerful name for a strong-willed cat.
  • Maggie – This is a lovely name for a lively and affectionate cat.
  • Inspector Clouseau – Inspired by the pink panther’s inept detective—could suit a playful cat.
  • Chief Wiggum – Inspired by the simpsons’ beloved but incompetent police chief—could suit a laid-back cat.
  • Officer Marge – Inspired by the simpsons’ no-nonsense police officer—could suit a confident cat.
  • Detective Felina – Fitting for a smart, inquisitive cat.
  • Sergeant Furball – A lighthearted moniker for a hyperactive cat who causes havoc everywhere it goes.
  • Officer Fluffy – Although this cat’s name may seem like a loving moniker for a pet, it can nonetheless execute the law.
  • Deputy Claw – This name might be a good choice for a cat that’s quick and smart.
  • Detective Tabby -This name may belong to someone who is a keen observer and adept at solving problems.
  • Inspector Callie – This name is perfect for a regal feline who lords over other cats.

Police-themed male cat names


Bring out your cat’s inner law enforcement officer with our selection of police-themed male cat names. From “Inspector Whiskers” to “Deputy Paw-er”, these names make your cat feel like the top cat on the beat.

  • Justice
  • Officer
  • Sheriff
  • Chief
  • Inspector
  • Deputy
  • Sergeant
  • Trooper
  • Chief Wiggum
  • McGruff
  • Sheriff Callie
  • K-9:
  • Officer Dibble
  • Code Blue
  • CSI Fluff
  • Detective Whiskers
  • Sergeant Stripes
  • Agent Paws
  • Inspector Claws
  • Chief Meow
  • Trooper Tabby
  • Deputy Fuzz
  • Sergeant Fur
  • Detective Mittens
  • Officer Whisker

These Are Just a Few Ideas to Get You Started. Feel Free to Get Creative and Come up With Your Police-Themed Cat Names. Remember to Choose a Name that You and Your Feline Friend Love.

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