Do you have a Pokemon-obsessed cat? Are you searching for the perfect name for your new kitty companion? And if you like Pokemon, there’s a strong chance you also like cats.

So why not fuse the two? After all, cats are ideal for roleplaying since they are always up for couch-hugging and don’t mind getting dressed up in costumes or taking their photographs. We’ve produced a list of the finest Pokemon-inspired male and female cat names.

Male Pokémon include Meowth (Meow), Pikachu (Pika), Psyduck (Psy), Eevee (Eve), and Mewtwo (Mewtwo)

Female: Delcatty, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Snorlax.

Best Male and Female Pokemon-Inspired Cat Names

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  • Meowth– The Pokémon name Meowth loves cash and is naughty.
  • Eevee– Like the Pokémon, this name suits a lively, unpredictable cat.
  • Pikachu– This name is inspired by Pikachu, the cute “electric mouse Pokémon.”
  • Jigglypuff– This name suits a cat that is friendly and playful.
  • Purrloin– This name suits a naughty feline perfectly.
  • Vaporeon– This name fits a cat who likes to avoid trouble.
  • Umbreon– Umbreon exudes mystery and elegance, making it an apt choice for a cat with sleek black fur.
  • Sylveon– This name is perfect for a cat with plush fur and sweet, dainty features.
  • Charmander– This name, like the Pokémon Charmander, fits an adventurous and spirited cat.
  • Squirtle– This name suits a playful, adventurous cat that loves water.
  • Bulbasaur– This name suits a relaxed, friendly cat that enjoys being outdoors.
  • Meowstic– The name “Meowstic” is appropriate for this feline creature because it also has mystical qualities.
  • Pidgey– This name is perfect for an inquisitive, adventurous cat that loves flying.
  • Chespin– Like Chespin, a Pokémon with an adventurous spirit, this name is perfect for an inquisitive cat.
  • Skitty– This name suits a lively, friendly cat perfectly.
  • Delcatty– Delcatty is a good fit for a cat that’s graceful, elegant, and loves to be pampered.
  • Glaceon– This name is an excellent match for a laid-back cat that loves to play in the snow.
  • Leafeon– This name captures a cat’s affinity for the outdoors.
  • Jolteon– This name suits a vibrant, active cat who loves to play with electricity.
  • Flareon– A cat with orange or red eyes, or a collar of that color, might fit this name well.
  • Fennekin– A cat named after a fire-type Pokemon should have red markings.
  • Meowstic Female is a nickname for psychic-type Pokemon—it’s the name of an intelligent cat with large, shining eyes.
  • Chesnaught– A cat named after the Brazilian grass-fighting sport of jiu-jitsu.
    Pokemon. A collared, green-eyed cat with this name would be formidable.
  • Greninja– This name is appropriate for a cat with blue or black hair and/or a matching collar.
  • Zangoose– A fighting-type cat is a white or brown creature with a red or black collar.
  •  Seviper– Poison-type Pokemon named Seviper may have dark fur or a green/purple collar.
  • Lucario– Ts strong aura is connected with justice and fidelity.
  • Braixen– It manipulates fire and symbolizes passion and drive.
  • Frogadier– With a blue-and-white striped belly, the frog Pokemon is known for its speed and ability to hide in small spaces.
  • Quilladin– It is recognized for its toughness and resilience.
  • Dedenne– The Pikachu is an electric-type Pokemon known for its incredible abilities and playful personality.
  • Hoothoot– The brown-feathered owl-like Pokemon, Noctowl, can sense environmental shifts.
  • Litten– Its fiery attitude and ability to manage flames are connected with independence and confidence.
  • Popplio– Its playfulness and water manipulation make it a symbol of pleasure and creativity.
  • Rowlet– Its leaf-like missiles and stealth make it a smart and adaptable creature.
  • Bidoof– The brown-furred beaver-like Pokemon is known for its tenacity and skillful use of its large incisors.
  • Buneary– A brown-and-white rabbit, Pikachu is highly active and playful.
  • Minccino– This is a small, gray-furred Pokémon that loves to cuddle.
  • Pikachu– Pikachu is a mouse-like Pokemon with yellow fur. It is pre-evolved and has electric powers.
  • Togepi– This tiny, fairy-like Pokemon is recognized for spreading pleasure and innocence.
  • Snivy– This name is a green-and-white serpent-like Pokemon. Its sleek, beautiful look is linked with grace and elegance.
  • Oshawott– This name is a Water-type Pokémon, starts Pokémon Black and White. Its stomach has a blue shell and is otter-shaped.
  • Tepig– This name is a Fire-type Pokémon, starts Pokémon Black and White. Its nose is flamed and pig-shaped.
  • Lillipup– This Normal-type Pokémon resembles a fluffy dog and is very loyal to its trainer.
  • Espurr– This name is a tiny cat-like Psychic Pokémon. Its forehead has psychic circles and huge ears.
  • Florges– This name is a flower-based Fairy-type Pokémon. Its white and pink wings are petal-like.
  • Meowstic– This name is a bipedal Psychic Pokémon. It is brilliant and wears a collar.


Here are just a few examples of cat names inspired by Pokémon. You could think of many more, and I invite you to use your imagination to develop some of your own. After all, the world of Pokémon is full of charming and unusual names that would make excellent cat names.

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What types of Pokemon-inspired names can I give my cat? 

You can choose from various Pokemon-inspired names, such as those of popular Pokemon characters (e.g., Pikachu, Meowth, Eevee) or names inspired by Pokemon traits or abilities (e.g., Charizard, Joltik, Snivy).

How do I know which Pokemon-inspired name is right for my cat? 

Consider your cat’s personality, physical characteristics, and any unique traits they may have. You can also consider names that reflect your interests or passions.

Can I give my cat a name that is not Pokemon-related?

Of course! While Pokemon-inspired names can be fun and unique, you are not limited to these names. You can choose any name that suits your cat and reflects their personality.