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Have you ever wanted to name your new hamster but didn’t know where to start? Movie-related hamster names are a great way to make your hamster’s name unique and fun.

Take a look at our list of movie hamster names. Let’s explore the world of hamster movie names together, from character names to movie titles and famous quotes!

Importance of Movie-Inspired Hamster Names

Using movie-inspired hamster names reflects a thoughtful process and can be an engaging topic of conversation.

  • Expression of Individuality: Every hamster has unique traits. Assigning a name based on a movie character highlights this individuality and makes animal ownership more compelling.
  • Nurturing Bond: A movie-inspired name can mirror your likes, allowing a deeper connection between you and your hamster.
  • Tribute: These names can serve as a tribute to a cherished film or character, creating a nostalgic at-home environment.
  • Conversation Initiator: These imaginative names can instigate worthwhile discussions with other pet lovers or film enthusiasts.
  • Identification: Movie-inspired names make your hamster stand out, making it easier to identify among other pets.

What Are the Best Movie-Inspired Hamster Names?

  • Hermes
  • Charity
  • Hippogriff
  • Imp
  • Kelpie
  • Nagini
  • Kneazle
  • Trevor
  • Kreacher
  • Mooncalf

Famous Movie Character Names

Image: Mubin, Canva, Pixabay
  • Indiana: Adventurer (Indiana Jones)
  • Luke: Hero (Star Wars)
  • Mia: Princess (The Princess Diaries)
  • Neo: The One (The Matrix)
  • Rhett: Southern gentleman (Gone with the Wind)
  • Scar: Evil lion (The Lion King)
  • Shrek: Ogre (Shrek)
  • Totoro: Forest spirit (My Neighbor Totoro)
  • Winnie: Bear of the tiny brain (Winnie the Pooh)

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Disney Movie-Inspired Names

Refers to names inspired by Disney movies’ characters, places, or themes.

  • Ariel: Mermaid (The Little Mermaid)
  • Belle: Beauty (Beauty and the Beast)
  • Bolt: Superdog (Bolt)
  • Cinderella: Kind-hearted girl (Cinderella)
  • Daisy: Duck (Mickey Mouse)
  • Jasmine: Princess (Aladdin)
  • Mickey: Mouse (Mickey Mouse)
  • Minnie: Mouse (Mickey Mouse)
  • Pluto: Dog (Mickey Mouse)

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Animated Movie Names

Image: Mubin, Canva, Pixabay
  • Bing Bong: Friend (Inside Out)
  • Eustace: Bad cat (Kiki’s Delivery Service)
  • Flik: Ant (A Bug’s Life)
  • Hamtaro: Hamster (Hamtaro)
  • Kermit: Frog (Muppets)
  • Lilo: Hawaiian girl (Lilo & Stitch)
  • Nemo: Clownfish (Finding Nemo)
  • Puss in Boots: Cat (Shrek)
  • Wallace: Sausage (Wallace & Gromit)

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Comedy Movie-Inspired Names

Funny names from comedy movies. The unique, quirky choice for parents who love comedy.

  • Ace: Cool guy (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective)
  • Bean: Lovable loser (Bean)
  • Chubby: Funny hamster (Horrid Henry)
  • Frodo: Hobbit (The Lord of the Rings)
  • Jerry: Mouse (Tom and Jerry)
  • Marley: Lovable dog (Marley & Me)
  • Rhett: Funny guy (Step Brothers)
  • Sheldon: Smart guy (The Big Bang Theory)
  • Woody: Cowboy (Toy Story)

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Mythological Movie-Inspired Names

Image: Mubin, Canva, Pixabay
  • Apollo: Greek god of music (Hercules)
  • Artemis: Greek goddess of the hunt (Clash of the Titans)
  • Buddha: Enlightened being (Mulan)
  • Cupid: Roman god of love (Sleeping Beauty)
  • Hephaestus: Greek god of fire (Hercules)
  • Mulan: Chinese warrior princess (Mulan)
  • Pan: Greek god of the forest (Puss in Boots)
  • Zeus: Greek god of the sky (Hercules)
  • Thor: Norse god of thunder (Thor)

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Celebrity Movie-Inspired Names

This practice involves giving children names of well-known actors, actresses, or characters from popular movies.

  • Brad: Actor (Brad Pitt)
  • Jennifer: Actress (Jennifer Lawrence)
  • Keanu: Actor (Keanu Reeves)
  • Leo: Actor (Leonardo DiCaprio)
  • Oprah: Talk show host (Oprah Winfrey)
  • Ryan: Actor (Ryan Reynolds)
  • Scarlett: Actress (Scarlett Johansson)
  • Taylor: Singer (Taylor Swift)
  • Will: Actor (Will Smith)

Personal opinion:

Choosing a movie-inspired name for your hamster is a fun way to show your love for cinema and give your pet a unique name. It can also spark interesting conversations about movies.

More Hamster Names Ideas!


What are some popular movie-inspired hamster names?

Rhino (from Bolt)
Myron (from Secret Life of Pets 2)
Cheeks (from Wild Kratts)
Doctor Hamster (from Peppa Pig)
Hamtaro (from Hamtaro)

How do I choose a movie-inspired hamster name?

Your hamster’s personality: Some hamsters are more active and playful, while others are more calm and gentle. Choose a name that reflects your hamster’s personality.
The movie that you love: If you have a favorite movie, choose a name from that movie. This will make your hamster’s name even more special.

Where can I find more movie-inspired hamster names?

Your creativity: If you’re feeling creative, you can create your movie-inspired hamster names. Just be sure to choose a name that you love!

What are some other types of hamster names?

In addition to movie-inspired names, you could choose from many other hamster names.”Peanut,” “Cookie,” and “Biscuit.”Whitey,” “Blackie,” and “Brownie.”London,” “Paris,” and “Tokyo.”Harry,” “Hermione,” and “Simba.”

What are some tips for naming a hamster?

Make the name easy to say and spell.
Choose a name that you love.
Consider your hamster’s personality.
Have fun with it!

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