Funny Cat Gift Ideas

Do you have a friend or family member who is crazy about cats? Finding the perfect gift for a cat lover can be both fun and rewarding. If you want to surprise them with something unique and amusing, consider these 28 hilarious and creative funny cat gift ideas that are sure to bring a smile to their face.

Top 28 Funny Gift Ideas for All Cat Lovers Today!

Gift No 1 – Pizza Cat Bed

Have you never heard of a Pizza Cat Bed? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like! Made to mimic a slice of cheesy, mouthwatering pizza, this plush, comfortable cat bed will make your cat the tastiest topping. But it’s not just about the humor. Its cozy material, welcoming warmth, and the provided sense of security make it a favourite chill-out zone for feline companions – a great gift!

Why it’s a great gift:

  • It is a delight for both pet and pet parents.
  • Embraces a cat’s fascination with enclosed spaces.
  • Provides warmth and comfort for your cat.

Gift No 2 – Cat Mood Cards

Cats are famous for their wide range of moods and expressions. Cat Mood Cards can provide a fun, pictorial representation of your furry friend’s feelings. From “Playful Kitty” to “Sassy Cat,” these cartoons can spruce up the living or working environment while providing a regular chuckle. This touch of humor combined with relatability is what makes these cards a perfect gift for cat lovers.

Why it’s a great gift:

  • Make expressing moods fun and catchy.
  • A playful way to communicate with others.
  • Inspire smiles and fascination among cat lovers.

Gift No 3 – Cat Face Drink Warmers

Cat Face Drink Warmers are stylish caps or lids shaped like a cat’s face that can be placed atop your coffee or tea mugs. They serve a dual purpose—maintaining your beverage’s temperature and bringing a feline touch to the way you consume your hot drinks. Their adorable design and utility make for perfect conversation starters.

Why it’s a great gift:

  • Keeps drinks hot during long work hours.
  • Brings a cute feline touch to beverages.
  • An adorable everyday accessory for cat lovers.

Gift No 4 – Remote-Controlled Toy Mouse

A remote-controlled toy mouse imitates real prey, providing endless fun and simulation for cats. Battery-operated, these toys are typically lightweight and easy to maneuver. This interactive toy encourages cats to stalk, pounce, and chase, stimulating their natural predatory instincts. It improves their physical exercise and mental stimulation, promoting overall feline well-being.

Why it’s a great gift:

  • Encourages bonding between cat and owner
  • Ensures hours of amusement and laughter
  • Enhances cat’s physical activity and health

Gift No 5 –  Cat Socks

Cat socks are cozy footwear featuring cute, funny, or artistic cat designs. These socks can be found in various colors, sizes, and materials, appealing to everyone’s preferences. From realistic feline faces to abstract artistic interpretations, you can find an abundance of styles to suit any cat lover’s taste, making cat socks an excellent personalized gift.

Why it’s a great gift:

  • Offers cozy, warm, and cat-themed comfort
  • Wide range of designs and styles
  • Adds a fun touch to outfits

Gift No 6 –  Cat Lawn Ornament

Cat lawn ornaments are decorative outdoor sculptures, often made of metal, resin, or ceramics, that depict cats. They add character and charm to any garden, yard, or outdoor space. Ideal spots for these ornaments include flower beds, porches, or patios, where cat lovers can admire them while appreciating their outdoor surroundings.

Why it’s a great gift:

  • Invokes love of cats outdoors
  • Showcases owner’s unique personality and taste
  • Compliments a variety of garden styles

Gift No 7 –  Cat meme books

Cat meme books compile some of the most hilarious, adorable, and viral cat memes into a print collection, providing a rich source of entertainment and laughs. These books often include famous classics like Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub, as well as lesser-known gems that capture the innate charm of feline companions.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • It provides endless laughter and enjoyment.
  • Showcases a variety of funny cats
  • Excellent conversation starter for guests

Gift No 8 –  Cat T-shirts

Cat T-shirts feature humorous, cute, or funky feline graphics and slogans. Made from comfortable material, these shirts wear well and can be a staple in any wardrobe. These versatile shirts pair well with jeans, shorts, or skirts and can be accessorized with cat-themed jewellery or headwear for ultimate feline appeal.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • Allows the wearer to express their cat love
  • Versatile for various fashion styles
  • Provides comfort with a fun twis

Gift No 9 –  Cat Fanny Pack

Cat fanny packs, embossed with cat prints or shapes, are a fun, practical accessory. They secure important items while adding a touch of unique style. For hands-free activities or casual outings, fanny packs neatly hold essentials. These can be worn around the waist or crossbody for a modern look.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • Combines style and practicality
  • Keeps essentials close and safe
  • Perfect for casual outings or festivals

Gift No 10 –  Cat-Shaped Measuring Cups & Kitchen Items

Cat-themed kitchen items, like cat-shaped measuring cups, add fun to cooking. Crafted from durable materials, they serve a practical purpose while showing off cat love. These cute items can generate smiles at every cooking step, making their culinary journey enjoyable and entertaining.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • Brings fun to the kitchen tasks
  • Encourages baking and cooking activities
  • Makes for a visually appealing kitchen

Gift No 11 –  Adult Coloring Book

Adult coloring books featuring cat butts offer a humorous twist on the coloring craze. They provide a creative, stress-reducing activity for everyone, cat lover or not. Coloring these books helps reduce stress and promotes creativity. Plus, the cat-themed adds extra fun to the coloring experience.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • Promotes creativity and stress reduction
  • It provides endless hours of silly entertainment.
  • Unique offering for coloring book lovers

Gift No 12 –  Exploding Kittens Card Game

Exploding Kittens is a fast-paced, highly-strategic card game that combines cats. It’s one of the most backed Kickstarter projects ever. The game involves drawing cards until someone draws an exploding kitten card and loses. The strategy comes in with the cards that allow moves such as peeking at the deck, shuffling, or blocking actions.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • Provides hours of group entertainment
  • Encourages strategic thinking and game-play skills
  • Suitable for all ages and skill levels

Gift No 13 –  Cat Lady Action Figure

The Cat Lady Action Figure is a quirky and humorous gift. It usually features a female figure surrounded by cats, and it’s a fun nod towards extreme cat love. Its unique design quality makes it a standout gift. It’s perfect for a cat lover with a great sense.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • Celebrates the “cat lady” persona
  • Unique and humorous gift
  • Perfect conversation starter or display piece

Gift No 14 –  Organic Cat Grass-Growing Kit

An Organic Cat Grass-Growing Kit contains everything needed to grow cat-friendly grasses. It helps cat owners create a safe grazing option for their pets. Eating grass can aid cats’ digestion and provide essential nutrients. Plus, it helps satisfy their instinct to graze.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • It provides a safe grazing option for cats
  • Includes an engaging activity for owners
  • Promotes cat health and well-being

Gift No. 15 –  Removable Toilet Sticker

Removable toilet stickers, often featuring cat graphics, add a dose of sass and fun to any bathroom. They’re easy to apply and remove without damaging surfaces. Toilet stickers can brighten up the bathroom, adding a surprising element for guests and family members.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • Adds fun and joy to the bathroom
  • Easy to apply with no damage
  • Surprise element for unsuspecting guests

Gift No. 16 –  Animal Paw Socks

Animal paw socks are a fun gift that turns human feet into oversized animal paws. They often feature photo-realistic prints and can include designs that imitate a cat’s paw. These socks not only provide a fun, playful look but are also typically made of soft, comfy materials that are perfect for lounging or casual wear.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • Makes a humorous style statement
  • Adds comfort with a fun surprise
  • It brings out the animal in everyone.

Gift No. 17 –  Hoodie with Carrying Pouch

A hoodie with a carrying pouch allows cat owners to snuggle their beloved feline within the sweater. It’s similar to a kangaroo pouch but designed specifically for cats. Cat owners can place their kitty into the hoodie pouch while relaxing or strolling, creating a unique bonding experience.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • Encourages cozy and close bonding time
  • Provides stylish apparel with functionality
  • Ensures kitty feels warm and loved

Gift No. 18 –  Cat Wine Stopper

A cat wine stopper is a decorative and practical gift for wine connoisseurs. It can be made of various materials, often featuring a feline silhouette or shape. At gatherings or parties, it can add a personal touch to the wine bottle, sparking conversations about their love for cats.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • Adds personal touch to wine bottles
  • Combines love of cats with wine
  • Perfect for use during gatherings

Gift No. 19 –  Cat-Shaped Coasters

Bringing feline finesse to tea time, cat-shaped coasters & tea infusers offer both aesthetic and practical functions. Both items often feature cute cat designs. Cat lovers can enjoy their tea accompanied by cat-shaped tools, adding whimsical fun to their drink experience.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • Enhances the tea-drinking experience
  • Merges practical utility with cute designs
  • Perfect for casual and formal gatherings

Gift No. 20 –  Cat-Shaped Ice Cream Scoop

A cat-shaped ice cream scoop creates a memorable dessert experience. It is often designed with a cat’s paw or face as the scoop or handle. This cute scoop can make each ice cream serving a delightful experience, guaranteed to put smiles on everyone’s faces.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • Makes ice cream serving more fun
  • Functional kitchen tool with a twist
  • It brings joy to dessert time

Gift No. 21 – Cat-Shaped Cookie Cutter

A cat-shaped cookie cutter allows baking enthusiasts to create adorable cat-shaped cookies. It makes baking not only fun but also a celebration of their love for cats. Just roll out the dough, press the cookie cutter, and bake; cat-themed cookies are as simple to make as they are enjoyable to eat.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • It makes baking even more enjoyable
  • Gives cookies an adorable twist
  • Perfect for parties and casual treat times

Gift No. 22 – Cat-Shaped Ice Cube

Ice cube molds are a fun way to turn ice cubes into feline shapes. They are easy to use and can be used to make drinks at any party. These cat-shaped ice cubes add a fun twist to your drinks and impress your friends and family.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • Make beverages more fun and unique
  • Impress guests with feline-themed ice
  • Adds humor to any gathering

Gift No. 23 – Cat-Shaped Cheese Grater

Why use a regular cheese grater when you can have a cat-shaped one? This unique kitchen tool adds a fun twist to your cheese-grating tasks, turning an ordinary activity into a delightful experience. It’s an ideal item for cat lovers who adore adding a feline touch to even the most minor kitchen tasks.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • Grates cheese with a cute twist
  • Enhances kitchen tools with a fun design
  • Combines practicality with feline love

Gift No. 24 – Cat-Shaped Bottle Opener

A cat-shaped bottle opener is both functional and quirky, making it a fun addition to your next gathering with friends. Celebrate your love for felines while cracking open a cold one! This feline-themed bottle opener adds a dash of cheerfulness to your parties, and it’s sure to get your guests talking. So, elevate your beverage-opening experience with this memorable and hilarious acquisition, which is bound to leave a lasting impression.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • Adds humor to bottle opening process
  • Showcases the owner’s feline passion
  • Enhances gatherings with a fun twist

Gift No. 25 – Cat-Shaped Pizza Cutter

Turn pizza night into a feline fiesta with a cat-shaped pizza cutter. This unique item enhances the dining experience while showing off your cat-centric personality. The eye-catching design adds a playful twist to the pizza-slicing process, leaving you with perfectly divided pieces and smiles at the table. It’s also a thoughtful gift idea that combines function, whimsy, and a hint of ooze-worthy cuteness.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • It makes pizza night more fun
  • Combines function with feline passion
  • Appreciated by family and friends

Gift No. 26 – Cat-Shaped Salt and Pepper Shakers

Make mealtime even more enjoyable with cat-shaped salt and pepper shakers. These adorable condiment holders add charm to your dining table and serve as excellent conversation starters. Not only do they showcase your unique passion for cats, but they also make perfect functional decorative items, completing your other cat-themed kitchenware.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • Enhances mealtime with playful design
  • Showcases cat love during meals
  • Adds flair to dining table

Gift No. 27 – Cat-Shaped Mug

A cat-shaped mug makes every cup of coffee or tea special. Start your day on a bright note while displaying your appreciation for feline friends. The delightful design brings charm to your morning routine or afternoon break, enhancing each sip you take. As a bonus, the cat-shaped mug can also serve as a cute desk or shelf ornament when not in use.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • Makes morning beverages more delightful
  • Showcases feline love in daily use
  • Turns mundane into memorable moments

Gift No. 28 – Cat Bed Blanket

A cat bed blanket offers warmth and comfort for cats, while providing their owners with a cozy and functional pet accessory. This soft and fluffy blanket creates a haven for the cat, ensuring its happiness during sleep or rest. It beautifully encapsulates how our pets, like us, also appreciate a snug and warm nap or nighttime rest spot.

Why It’s a Great Gift:

  • Provides maximum comfort for cats
  • Adds a functional touch to pet care
  • Ensures feline friend’s warmth and happiness

Finding the Perfect Funny Cat Lover Gift:

When on the hunt for the perfect cat-themed gift, keep these factors in mind:

  • Recipient’s Personality: Tailor your choice to their tastes. Some might appreciate a functional item, like a cat-shaped kitchen tool, while others may prefer something decorative or fashionable.
  • Practicality: Consider if the gift will have everyday use or if it serves more of a novelty purpose. Balance the fun factor with usefulness.
  • Quality: Ensure the product is durable and well-made. It should last and continue making the recipient smile.
  • Theme Complementing: If the recipient enjoys collecting cat-themed items, your gift can augment their collection further.
  • Surprise Element: Sometimes, an unexpected cat-themed gift can bring the most joy. Think outside the box—your creativity might end up being greatly appreciated!

Remember, the thoughtfulness you put into selecting the perfect cat-related gift can make it even more special for the recipient.

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