Top 100 Chinese Female Cat Names

Are you searching for a unique and beautiful name for your female cat? Look no further than Chinese-inspired names! 

In Chinese culture, names hold great significance and a well-chosen name can bring good fortune and prosperity. 

we’ve compiled a list of 100 stunning Chinese female cat names, complete with meanings and pronunciation.

Here are some Chinese female cat names:

  • Qing (青) – Deep or profound
  • Si (思) – Black
  • Xiao Mi (小米) – Little rice
  • Li Hua (李花) – Beautiful flower
  • Mei Mei (美美) – Little sister
  • Tian Tian (天天) – Sweet
  • Manchu (曼珠) – Innocent and pure
  • Ming (明) – Shiny or clear
  • Mo Chou (摸丘) – Free of sadness
  • Mulan (木兰) – Magnolia blossom
  • Nuo (暖) – Graceful
  • On (昂) – Quiet and peaceful
  • Yu Xuan (玉璇) – Mysterious and enchanting
  • Kai Lun (凯伦) – Eager and spirited
  • Shi Xing (释行) – Confident and charismatic

These names are all reflective of the culture and values of the Chinese people and are often chosen to reflect the personality of the cat or to honor a family member or ancestor.

The Beauty in Chinese Names

Top 100 Chinese female cat names

Chinese names are known for their elegance and poetic sound. They often hold deeper meanings, which is why many cat owners are drawn to them. Choosing a Chinese-inspired name for your female cat can add a touch of exotic charm to her already enchanting personality.

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Best Chinese Female Cat Names

Best Chinese Female Cat Names
  • Ling (玲) – Delicate, tinkling – Represents beauty, elegance, and grace.
  • Hua (花) – Flower – Symbolizes beauty, femininity, and delicacy.
  • Xiang (湘) – Fragrant – Reflects pleasant fragrance and a sweet temperament.
  • Song (松) – Pine tree – Signifies resilience, strength, and longevity.
  • Lan (兰) – Orchid – Represents refinement, gracefulness, and rare beauty.
  • Yun (云) – Cloud – Symbolizes freedom, flexibility, and a dreamy nature.
  • Yan (燕) – Swallow – Associated with loyalty, freedom, and the arrival of spring.
  • Rong (蓉) – Lotus – Represents purity, enlightenment, and spiritual growth.
  • Xiaocui (小翠) – Little emerald – Signifies preciousness, charm, and a vibrant personality.
  • Qingqing (青青) – Youthful, green – Symbolizes vitality, freshness, and a lively spirit.
  • Yulian (玉莲) – Jade lotus – Reflects elegance, purity, and spiritual enlightenment.
  • Moli (茉莉) – Jasmine – Associated with grace, beauty, and an enchanting aura.
  • Yuemei (月梅) – Moon and plum blossom – Symbolizes resilience, strength, and beauty in adversity.
  • Cailan (彩兰) – Colorful orchid – Represents uniqueness, diversity, and a vibrant personality.
  • Xinyue (心月) – Heart and moon – Signifies a loving, romantic nature and a gentle temperament.
  • Shuyun (书芸) – Literary and artistic – Associated with intelligence, creativity, and a cultured nature.
  • Lirong (丽蓉) – Beautiful lotus – Reflects elegance, purity, and inner beauty.
  • Yanyu (燕语) – Swallow’s language – Symbolizes communication, social charm, and eloquence.
  • Minghui (明辉) – Bright and shining – Signifies brilliance, radiance, and a charismatic personality.
  • Xingyun (幸运) – Lucky – Associated with good fortune, happiness, and blessings.

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Cute Chinese Female Cat Names

Cute Chinese Female Cat Names
  • Mei (美) – Beautiful
  • Xiu (秀) – Elegant, graceful
  • Ying (英) – Clever, intelligent
  • Fei (菲) – Fragrant
  • Li (丽) – Beautiful, pretty
  • Ming (明) – Bright, shining
  • Jiao (娇) – Tender, lovely
  • Tian (恬) – Serene, peaceful
  • Ya (雅) – Elegant, refined
  • Qing (晴) – Clear, sunny
  • Xinyi (欣怡) – Joyful and comfortable
  • Xinqi (新奇) – Fresh and unique
  • Lihua (丽华) – Beautiful and splendid
  • Suyin (素音) – Pure and melodious
  • Yuehua (月华) – Moonlight and elegance
  • Yufang (玉芳) – Jade fragrance
  • Anran (安然) – Peaceful and safe
  • Xinran (心然) – Calm and tranquil
  • Yaqi (雅琪) – Elegant and precious
  • Xiran (希然) – Hopeful and content

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Funny Chinese Female Cat Names

Funny Chinese Female Cat Names
  • Miao Miao (喵喵) – Meow Meow
  • DouDou (豆豆) – Bean
  • Xiao Bao (小宝) – Little treasure
  • Feifei (肥肥) – Chubby
  • Wawa (娃娃) – Doll
  • Pinyin (拼音) – Phonetic
  • Guagua (呱呱) – Quack
  • Xiaolong (小龙) – Little dragon
  • Biubiu (比比) – Zoom
  • Kaka (咔咔) – Giggle
  • Lele (乐乐) – Happy
  • Fuzi (福子) – Lucky child
  • Huahua (花花) – Flower flower
  • Pingping (平平) – Flat
  • Tiantian (甜甜) – Sweet
  • Xiaoxiao (笑笑) – Little laugh
  • Dandan (蛋蛋) – Egg
  • Jiji (唧唧) – Chirp
  • Gugu (咕咕) – Coo
  • Baobao (宝宝) – Baby

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Nature-Related Chinese Female Cat Names

Nature-Related Chinese Female Cat Names
  • Ling (玲) – Delicate, tinkling
  • Hua (花) – Flower
  • Xiang (湘) – Fragrant
  • Song (松) – Pine tree
  • Lan (兰) – Orchid
  • Yun (云) – Cloud
  • Yan (燕) – Swallow
  • Rong (蓉) – Lotus
  • Xiaocui (小翠) – Little emerald
  • Qingqing (青青) – Youthful, green
  • Yulian (玉莲) – Jade lotus
  • Moli (茉莉) – Jasmine
  • Yuemei (月梅) – Moon and plum blossom
  • Cailan (彩兰) – Colorful orchid
  • Xinyue (心月) – Heart and moon
  • Shuyun (书芸) – Literary and artistic
  • Lirong (丽蓉) – Beautiful lotus
  • Yanyu (燕语) – Swallow’s language
  • Minghui (明辉) – Bright and shining
  • Xingyun (幸运) – Lucky

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Gemstone-Inspired Chinese Female Cat Names

Gemstone-Inspired Chinese Female Cat Names
  • Zhu (珠) – Pearl
  • Yao (瑶) – Precious, jade-like
  • Hongli (红丽) – Beautiful and red
  • Meihua (梅花) – Plum blossom
  • Xue (雪) – Snow
  • Meiying (美盈) – Beautiful and flourishing
  • Rui (瑞) – Auspicious, lucky
  • Weilan (伟兰) – Great orchid
  • Yuanyuan (媛媛) – Beautiful and beautiful
  • Jingjing (菁菁) – Smart and neat
  • Fenghua (风华) – Style and charm
  • Ziyun (紫云) – Purple cloud
  • Xiyue (夕月) – Evening and moon
  • Huiyu (辉瑜) – Shining and precious
  • Yijun (怡君) – Happy and gentle
  • Fengxian (凤仙) – Phoenix and fairy
  • Lanxin (岚心) – Mist and heart
  • Shuanghui (霜慧) – Frost and wisdom
  • Shuyue (书悦) – Literary and joyful
  • Huilin (慧琳) – Wise and precious jade

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Why should I consider a Chinese-inspired name for my female cat?
A: Chinese names have a poetic sound and deeper meanings, adding exotic charm.

How do I choose the perfect name for my female cat?
A: Consider her personality traits, appearance, and cultural significance.

Can I choose a name that reflects my cultural heritage?
A: Yes, but it’s important to respect and appreciate Chinese culture.

What do Chinese names like Mei and Hua symbolize?
A: Mei means “beautiful,” while Hua represents grace and beauty.

How can I ensure cultural sensitivity when choosing a name?
A: Avoid separating meaningful words from their original context and stereotypes.


A well-chosen name can add to your cat’s charm and personality. Consider some of these beautiful and unique Chinese-inspired names for your female cat. Mei, Xiu, and Ying are just some of the many options available. 

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