Best 230+ Asian Cat Names (Japanese, Korean & Chinese Names, and More)

Ready to get your paws on some awesome Asian-inspired cat names?

If you’re looking to add a new feline friend to your household, you might consider naming them after an Asian culture. There are many Asian languages and cultures, each with its unique style. The word “Asian” is derived from the Greek word “Asia,” which means “easterners.” Over 4 billion people live in Asia today, so there’s a good chance you’re related to at least one of them!

Kittens are cute no matter what, but they’re even more adorable when they have Asian names! It’s always fun to name your pet, but giving them an Asian name can be advantageous.

Asian names are often more difficult to pronounce than English ones, so if you’re looking for a name that will confuse your friends and family, this is the article for you!

The following is a list of some common Asian cat names. These are only a few examples, so if one catches your eye, use them!

Top 10 Asian Cat Names

The Asian cat is a beautiful feline with an elegant coat, large expressive eyes, and a graceful body—all of which make for great photo opportunities.

Here are the top 10 most popular names for Asian cats:

  • Cho-Cho (Japanese)
  • Meow-Meow (Chinese)
  • Mai-Mai (Thai)
  • Kimi (Japanese)
  • Jinx (Korean)
  • Sakura (Japanese)
  • Tsunami (Japanese)
  • Yumi (Japanese)

Asian Male Cat Names

This list will have some great suggestions if you are looking for a name to call your Asian cat. The names on this list work well as male kitten names—your little feline friend will surely love it!

  • Ying Yang (Chinese)
  • Kai-Kai (Japanese)
  • Ai-Ai (Malay/Indonesian)
  • Suki-Suki (Japanese)
  • Pao-Pao (Japanese)
  • Willy-Willy (Thai)
  • Ping and Pong (Chinese)
  • Yang (Chinese)
  • Brownie or Bruiser(Indian)
  • Masaaki (Japanese)
  • Bingo-Bango (Thai)
  • Hiroshi (Japanese)
  • Lai (Malay)
  • Ryuu (Japanese)
  • Satoru (Malay)
  • Uma (Thai)
  • Yuko (Japanese)

Asian Female Cat Names

Use one of these cute girl cat names to celebrate influential women from Asian history. These names are inspired by inspirational women who helped shape the cultures and societies in Asia.

  • Lakshmi (Indian)
  • Bibi (Farsi)
  • Jiao-Jiao (Chinese)
  • Ibu or Ibu-Ibu (Indonesian/Malay)
  • Matsuri (Japanese)
  • Kuan-Yin (Chinese)
  • Asano-San (Japanese)
  • Sita and Seeta(Indian)
  • Matsuo Basho (Japanese)
  • Kwan Yin (Chinese)
  • Qin Shi Huang (Chinese)
  • Kangxi (Chinese)
  • Sung Chang (Chinese)
  • San-San (Chinese)
  • Tokugawa (Japanese)
  • Meiji (Japanese)
  • Gia Long (Vietnamese)
  • Nguyễn Huệ (Vietnamese)
  • Kameko (Japanese)
  • Tikal (Mayan)

Funny Asian Cat Names

Funny Asian Cat Names

If you want a funny cat name, there are plenty of options. These funny cat names are perfect for those who want to laugh and enjoy their pet. They’re also great for someone who has a sense of humor and doesn’t take life too seriously.

Here are some popular Asian names that can be used as inspiration for your cat’s name:

  • Hanako (Japanese)
  • Obasanjo (Yoruba)
  • Ibu-Ibu or Bibi-Bibi (Indonesian/Malay)
  • Aki-Chan (Japanese)
  • Annyeong! (Korean)
  • Hi-Kee (Indian)
  • Tai-paw (Chinese)
  • Bin Bong (Chinese)
  • Rice-Chan (Japanese)
  • Noodle-Bong (Indian)
  • Meowy Cyrus (Indian)
  • Kitten Pong (Japanese)
  • Mr. Miyagi (Japanese)
  • Moo Shu Kitty (Chinese)
  • Padme (Indian)
  • Kiki-Chan (Japanese)
  • Hanoi (Japanese)
  • Tofu (Japanese)
  • Mu Shu Kitty (Chinese)
  • Sasquatch (Indian)

Cute Asian Cat Names

The following section explores some of our favorite Asian-inspired names for cats. This name is not only one of the cutest on this list but also reflects your cat’s love for Asian cuisine!

This is an excellent name if you have a cat that is not only cute but also has a thirst for knowledge.

  • Banana Dragonfruit
  • Fuji-Chan (Japanese)
  • Ghengis Khan (Indian)
  • Hirohito (Japanese)
  • Koko-Chan (Japanese)
  • Lulu (Chinese)
  • Mei Mei! (Korean)
  • Ming Ming! (Korean)
  • Dragon (Chinese)
  • Tiger (Indian)
  • Cat-Chan (Japanese)
  • Lazy Cat (Chinese)
  • Panda-Chan (Japanese)
  • Ninja Kitty (Indonesian/Malay)
  • Kitten Pong (Japanese)
  • Kaiju Kitty(Japanese)
  • Bin-Bin (Japanese)
  • Ching-Chong (Chinese)
  • Tai Chi (Chinese)
  • Meatball (Japanese)

Asian Food Cat Names

If your cat is adventurous and enjoys exploring, Asian food cat names may suit him. These food-inspired ideas can function as nicknames or formal monikers—either way, they’re a great way to show your love for the cuisine!

We’ve listed some of our favorite Asian food cat names below!

  • Choco (Chocolate)
  • Sushi (Vinegared rice)
  • Petit fours (Small Bites)
  • Cream puff (Puff pastry)
  • Fondue (Melted Cheese/Chocolate)
  • Nakji (Cut up octopus)
  • Banh mi (Sandwich)
  • Koala (Bear in Japanese)
  • Wasabi (Japanese horseradish paste)
  • Brie ( Brie cheese)
  • Chai (A spiced tea)
  • Chorizo ( a spicy sausage)
  • Empanada (a stuffed pastry)
  • Focaccia (a type of flatbread)
  • Frijoles (Spanish for beans)
  • Hazelnut (a type of nut Kebab)
  • Walnut ( A type of nut Kumquat shrimp in a sauce)
  • Pocky (A Japanese snack made from biscuit sticks)
  • Tofu (a kind of bean curd)
  • Seaweed (a type of edible algae)

Asian Cat Names by Country

As mentioned above, the most popular cat names are often the same worldwide. However, there are also some interesting differences between countries. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next cat name, these lists of Asian cat names by country might help:

Japanese Cat Names

Japanese Cat Names

Japanese cat names are pretty popular, and there are many options to choose from. However, some of the most common Japanese cat names include:

  • Yamato (great harmony)
  • Michi (road, path)
  • Kimiko (child of the pure heart)
  • Kuroneko (Black Cat)
  • Shironeko ( White Cat)
  • Neko-San (A more formal way to address a cat)
  • Nekko (Another name for cats, Koneko)
  • Akihiko (Noble, bright and shining)
  • Akiyoshi (Joyous and hopeful)
  • Chikara (Power )
  • Daimonji(Big name)
  • Yuki (snow)
  • Hajime (beginning)
  • Hiroki (Bright and brilliant)
  • Nanae (Beginning, first)
  • Noboru (To ascend)
  • Takeshi (Brave and strong)
  • Shigeru (Newly born)
  • Tatsumi (Long life)

Korean Cat Names

While Korean cat names are similar to Japanese, they are slightly different in pronunciation. The most common Korean cat names include:

  • Ah-Rang (Bright)
  • Ahn (Love)
  • Bi-Ok (Thoughtful)
  • Bong-Hee (Good luck and fortune)
  • Chae-Yun (Pure and clean-hearted)
  • Daewoo (Gentle, kind, and sweet person)
  • Eung Soo Lee Hae (Violet) Guji (Beautiful)
  • Hyeon-Ju (Bright and shining)
  • Jahre (Bright and shining sea)
  • Jae-Hwa (Gentle breeze)
  • Ki-Gun (Fruitful tree)
  • Mi-Ji (Beautiful sound)
  • Seung-Ku (Vigorous and strong spirit)
  • Soo-Young (meaning “good luck”)
  • Yoo-Jin (a combination of two words meaning “beauty” and “golden”)

Chinese Cat Name

The beautiful and ancient Chinese language inspires Chinese cat names. The most common Chinese cat names include:

  • Ai-Tu (Lovely)
  • Bao Qian (Precious)
  • Bo-Lai (Flowery)
  • Chang An (Eternal Peace)
  • Da Fu Er Guo Hua (Large Flower City Hua)
  • Dajie (Beautiful Lady)
  • Bo (Joy) Chang (Wisdom)
  • Ching-Fu (Good Fortune)
  • Chung-Yuen (Longevity)
  • En-Tzu (Peaceful Mind)
  • Xiao (Little)
  • Qing (Blue, green)
  • Lei (thunder)
  • Jingjing (mirror)
  • Xiaohua (Fine Flower)
  • Xiao Bao (little treasure)
  • Xiao Chou Chou (Little Kissy)

Thai Cat Names

Thai Cat Names

Thai cat names are inspired by the beautiful and ancient language at the heart of Thai culture and popular nicknames that have become ingrained into contemporary vernacular. The most common Thai pet names include:

  • Bo-Tong (Lucky)
  • Chiao-Chiao (Little Baby)
  • Daeng-Mae (Red Eyed Lady)
  • Fei-Pang (Happy Princess)
  • Pai-Lung (Small Dragon)
  • Pueng-Yaow (Strong Heart)
  • Siu Li Ling (Small Li Ling!)
  • Tuk Tuk (Tuk Tuk)
  • Wai-Lan (Beautiful Orchid)
  • Yay-Yi (Happy Heart)
  • Pimpri (gemstone)
  • Kamonwan (sunflower)
  • Yuta (lotus flower)
  • Of (wave)
  • Luk-Kan (angel)

Pakistani Cat Names

Pakistani cat names are often inspired by the Muslim culture that dominates the country. Many of these names draw inspiration from Islamic traditions or famous Muslims who have influenced Pakistani history.

  • Ali (Prince)
  • Babar (Lion)
  • Chacha (Uncle)
  • Dara-Bukhsh (Good Luck)
  • Hafeez (Fortune Teller)
  • Hassan (Sage)
  • Iqbal (Poet)
  • Ishaqzaade (Hero’s Son)
  • Banu (Princess)
  • Shahnaz (Sunrise Flowers in the Urdu language )
  • Poonam (joyous celebration)
  • Bunty (girl, sweetheart)
  • Chanda (joyful)
  • Farah (gift of God)
  • Hasina (beauty)
  • Imtiaz (unique offering)
  • Jamilah (beautiful rose flower)
  • Java Kainat (flower of heaven),
  • Zameen (Golden Girl)

Indian Cat Names

Hindu, Muslim, and Christian traditions often inspire Indian cat names. You can choose from various names to suit your kitten’s personality, such as cute and cuddly or cool and confident ones. The following list contains some popular Indian cat names for boys and girls:

  • Abid (slave of Allah)
  • Abdul (servant of Allah)
  • Gita (song)
  • Rani (queen)
  • Charu (delightful)
  • Gauri (white lotus flower)
  • Jyoti Aabid (lover of Allah)
  • Himalaya (mountain)
  • Kasturi (jasmine flower)
  • Kalpana (imagination)
  • Kumkum (red powder worn by Hindu women in their hair)
  • Passage (a type of Indian bread)
  • Pushpa (flower)
  •  Sultana (queen)
  • Mikki (coconut tree)
  • Shailaja (mountain peak)

More Cat Names

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