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Asian Black Cat Names that mesmerize! When naming our cats, choosing the perfect name is an important decision. But did you ever wonder about the mysterious world of Asian black cat Names?

Dive into this mysterious world as we reveal the charm and meaning behind these unique and important names for our cats.

What Are The Best Asian Black Cat Names?

  • Kuro (Male)
  • Mei (Female)
  • Miso (Cute)
  • Jiro (Cool)
  • Whiskerzilla (Funny)
  • Zen (Male)
  • Sakura (Female)
  • Pocky (Cute)
  • Kaze (Cool)
  • Nyan-Nyan (Funny)

Asian Black Cat Names Male

Photo: GraetPetPlace Team
  • Kuro: Mysterious, Japanese origin.
  • Akuma: Devil, Japanese origin.
  • Jett: Black Gemstone, English origin.
  • Ryu: Dragon, Japanese origin.
  • Zen: Meditation, Japanese origin.
  • Onyx: Black Gemstone of English origin.
  • Soot: Black Powder, English origin.
  • Sora: Sky, Japanese origin.
  • Kai: Ocean, Hawaiian origin.
  • Hiro: Generous, Japanese origin.
  • Jin: Benevolence, Chinese origin.
  • Shadow: Dark Silhouette, English origin.
  • Inky: Inky Black, English origin.
  • Ash: Ash Tree, English origin.
  • Tatsu: Dragon of Japanese origin.

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Asian Black Cat Names Female

Photo: GraetPetPlace Team
  • Mei: Beautiful, Japanese origin.
  • Hana: Flower of Japanese origin.
  • Yuki: Snow, Japanese origin.
  • Kiki: Mysterious, Japanese origin.
  • Name: Wave, Japanese origin.
  • Luna: Moon, Latin origin.
  • Mochi: Sticky Rice Cake of Japanese origin.
  • Suki: Beloved, Japanese origin.
  • Nao: Honest, Japanese origin.
  • Sakura: Cherry Blossom, Japanese origin.
  • Koko: Little One, Japanese origin.
  • Tora: Tiger, Japanese origin.
  • Nyx: Night, Greek origin.
  • Riku: Land, Japanese origin.
  • Mika: New Moon, Japanese origin.

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Asian Black Cat Names Cute

Photo: GraetPetPlace Team
  • Miso: Soybean Paste of Japanese origin.
  • Kuma: Bear of Japanese origin.
  • Chibi: Tiny, Japanese origin.
  • Coco: Coconut, Spanish origin.
  • Peko: Peek, Japanese origin.
  • Tofu: Tofu of Japanese origin.
  • Pocky: Japanese Snack, Japanese origin.
  • Noodle: Noodle, English origin.
  • Momo: Peach, Japanese origin.
  • Mimi: Ear, Japanese origin.
  • Kiri: Mist, Japanese origin.
  • Chacha: Spirited, Japanese origin.
  • Pika: Electric Spark, Japanese origin.

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Asian Black Cat Names Cool

Photo: GraetPetPlace Team
  • Jiro: Second Son, Japanese origin.
  • Hikaru: Radiant, Japanese origin.
  • Kaze: Wind, Japanese origin.
  • Yoru: Night, Japanese origin.
  • Haru: Spring, Japanese origin.
  • Shiro: White, Japanese origin.
  • Kenta: Healthy, Japanese origin.
  • Raiden: Thunder and Lightning, Japanese origin.
  • Kage: Shadow, Japanese origin.
  • Kaiju: Monster of Japanese origin.
  • Ichiro: First Son, Japanese origin.
  • Kurogane: Black Steel, Japanese origin.
  • Hiroshi: Generous, Japanese origin.
  • Akira: Bright, Japanese origin.
  • Enzo: Exalted, Japanese origin.

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Asian Black Cat Names Funny

This heading refers to amusing names for black cats inspired by Asian culture.

  • Whiskerzilla: Mighty Whiskers, English origin.
  • Nyan-Nyan: Meow-Meow, Japanese origin.
  • Sushiroll: Sushi Roll, English origin.
  • Furrball: Fluffy Ball, English origin.
  • Meowzilla: Godzilla Meow, English origin.
  • Purrlock: Purring Sherlock, English origin.
  • Catrick Swayze: Cat + Patrick Swayze, English origin.
  • Noodlepaws: Noodle + Paws, English origin.
  • Purrlock Holmes: Purring Sherlock Holmes, English origin.
  • Whiskerfuzz: Whiskers + Fuzz, English origin.

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 Our Personal Opinion: 

Asian black cat names hold a unique charm with their cultural significance and elegant sound. They add an exotic touch to these mysterious feline companions. These names create a deeper connection between the cat and its owner, whether cool, cute, or funny. Embracing these names celebrates diversity and showcases the beauty of Asian cultures.


What are some unique Asian-inspired names for black cats?

Some unique Asian-inspired names for black cats include Kuro (Japanese for “black”), Mei-Li (Chinese for “beautiful black”), Kali (Hindi for “black one”), Onyx (inspired by the gemstone), and Yami (Japanese for “darkness”).

Are there any famous black cat names from Asian folklore or mythology?

Yes, there are! For example, in Japanese folklore, the black cat “Bakeneko” is believed to have supernatural abilities. In Thai mythology, the “Maew Sop” is a black cat that brings good luck to its owner.

I want a black cat name that reflects strength and power. Any suggestions with an Asian touch?

Absolutely! Consider names like Ryujin (Japanese dragon god), Shakti (Hindi for “power” or “energy”), Niranjan (Sanskrit for “eternal”), Yang (Chinese for “male” and associated with strength), or Jin (Korean for “power” or “strength”).

What are some cute and playful Asian names for my black kitty?

Cute and playful names could include Neko (Japanese for “cat”), Xiao-Mao (Chinese for “little cat”), Chibi (Japanese for “small” or “cute”), Mimi (Korean for “ears”), or Bandal (Korean for “clown” or “jester”).

Do Asian black cat names have specific meanings or cultural significance?

Many Asian black cat names hold cultural or symbolic meanings. In Asian cultures, black cats are often associated with good luck, protection, and mysticism. These names often reflect qualities like beauty, strength, luck, or supernatural abilities, making them meaningful choices for your feline companion.

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