Male and Female Albanian Cat Names (Top 120+)

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Albanian cats are lovely and have great personalities. They make excellent pets for those who want to have a cat that will be loyal and loving.

They are very loving, loyal, and affectionate cats. They are also very playful and active cats that will keep you entertained for many years.

If you’re looking for a good name for your Albanian cat, look no further!

We’ve covered you with a list of the top 160 male and female Albanian cat names. These names are perfect for any cat lover who wants their cat to have an exotic name.

Top 10 Albanian Cat Names

Albanian Cat Names

The mountains of Albania are a beautiful and majestic place. The Albanian people have lived in these mountains for thousands of years, and they have left their mark on the country. If you’re looking for cat names with an Albanian flair, then check out our list.

  • Kiti: Kiti is a great name for your cat. It’s a good name, too, and very popular!
  • Sisi: Sisi is a popular cat name in Albania. It can also be found as a female name in English-speaking countries such as the USA and UK.
  • Rudi: Rudi is a male name that can be used for both humans and cats. It’s a short name, as well as an Albanian name.
  • Xuxa: Xuxa – The Cat (Albanian: Xuxa) is an Albanian film released on October 8, 2016.
  • Bike: But it is a name that means “fire.” It’s a compound word made up of bu, which means fire, and ke, which is something like “of,” so it’s literally “of fire.”
  • Miri: Miri is a cat name that is used in Albania. This is a short and sweet name.
  • Guri: Guri is a common name for a cat, regardless of gender. It’s also used as a female name and as a male name.
  • Tonakati: Tonakati is an Albanian female name that means “soul.” Tonakati is a city in the Albanian region of Kosova. It has a population of about 60,000 people.
  • Guri I Zi: Guri I Zi means black cat in Albanian. Black cats are often considered good luck, especially in the United Kingdom,
  • Catamite (Albanian): Catamite is a very uncommon name for a cat. It’s also used as a derogatory term to describe gay men.

Albanian Male Cat Names

Albanian Male Cat Names
image credit: sobuj,pixabay,canva

Albanian male cat names are just as meaningful as female cat names. They can be derived from a place in Albania, a famous Albanian person, or even a common nickname. Some of the most popular male cat names include:

  • Arbana (meaning “felicity”)
  • Ardi (meaning “loyalty”)
  • Besnik (meaning “faithful”
  • Bilal (meaning “loyal”)
  • Dikush (meaning “someone”)
  • Fatbardh (meaning “brave”)
  • Gazmend (meaning “wise”)
  • Godo (meaning “happy” or “good luck”)
  • Eni (meaning “life”)
  • Ermir (“honor”)
  • Fatbardh (“generous” or “bountiful”)
  • Fisnik (meaning “strong”)
  • Hajri (“happy” or “joyful”)
  • Burim (meaning “generous” or “kind”)
  • Gurazhi (meaning “lion”)
  • Ibish (short for Ibrahim)
  • Ismet (meaning “man of honor”)
  • Jaush (meaning “lion”)
  • Kostandin (meaning “strong” or “powerful”)
  • Lulzim (“honor”) Luan (meaning “clouds”)
  • Maksut (“wise”)
  • Myzafer (“faithful” or “loyal”)
  • Ngoc (“generous” or “kindly”)
  • Jahja (meaning “obedient”)
  • Jeton (meaning “brave”)
  • Kreshnik (meaning “faithful”)
  • Mahir (“generous” or “kind”)
  • Menaxher (“boss”)

Albanian Female Cat Names

Albanian Female Cat Names
image credit: sobuj,pixabay,canva

Albanian Female Cat Names are a great way to honor the culture and heritage of this beautiful country.

Albanian is a language that belongs to the Indo-European family of languages.

There are many beautiful female names in Albanian, but here is a list of the most popular ones.

  • Rina (This is a name that means “little rose.” It is both sweet and beautiful).
  • Nana (This name means “joy” or “satisfaction.” It is a perfect name for your sweet little girl!)
  • Amira (This name means “lovely lady” and would be an excellent choice for a female kitten).
  • Brenda (A woman who is beautiful and intelligent)
  • Blerina (A woman that is beautiful and graceful)
  • Dardana (A woman who has a friendly character)
  • Dorina (A woman that is beautiful and graceful) Ejona (A woman who has a lovely character)
  • Eliza (A woman who is beautiful and intelligent)
  • Florentina (Florence means “blooming” in Albanian, so this name could be translated as something like “blooming flower”).
  • Elona (This is the name of the mother of all Albanians, so it is a great choice if you want your cat to be considered one of their countrymen).
  • Fatbardha (“the most beautiful flower in the world”).
  • Genta (This means “blonde girl” and would be a perfect name for your beautiful blonde kitten!”)
  • Gjyste (This means “clever” or “intelligent,” so it is a great choice for an intelligent female cat”).
  • Kaltrina (“beautiful woman”)
  • Kastriot (“knight” or “hero”)
  • Arbana (meaning “felicity”)
  • Besnik (meaning “faithful.”)
  • Isuf (“friendship”)
  • Istref (“honor”)

Cute Albanian Cat Names

Cute Albanian Cat Names
image credit: sobuj,pixabay,canva

The language itself can inspire Albanian cat names. If you want your cat to have a name that sounds like it could belong to one of the country’s native speakers, check out these excellent words:

  • Belinda (meaning “blonde”)
  • Drita (meaning “light”)
  • Elma (meaning “apple”)
  • Enkelejda (meaning “fondness” or “affection”)
  • Bledar (meaning “brave”)
  • Gjergj (meaning “George”)
  • Georgia (meaning “Georgia”) ) Bledi (meaning “small and white”)
  • Denada (meaning “the gift of God”) Edi (meaning “honor”) Enver (meaning “manly, brave”)
  • Festa (meaning “party”)
  • Hasim (meaning “precious”)
  • Borhan (meaning “great” or “powerful”)
  • Driton (meaning “peaceful” or “calm”)
  • Fisnik (meaning “lucky” or someone who’s born on St. Valentine’s Day) Kadri or “loyal”)
  • Bledi (meaning “white-haired”)
  • Dita (meaning “day”)
  • Durim (meaning “hardworking” or “patient”) Fatbardha (meaning “sunny day”)
  • Eliza (meaning “God is our salvation”)
  • Gjinush (meaning “God’s”)
  • Fatbardha (meaning “sunny day”)
  • Fitore (meaning “victory” or someone who wins a lot of things) (meaning “God’s grace”)
  • Haxhi (meaning “lord”)
  • Ilirjan (meaning “emperor” or someone who rules over others) Ismet Bledi (meaning “small and white”)
  • Denada (meaning “the gift of God”)

Funny Albanian Cat Names

Funny Albanian Cat Names
image credit: sobuj,pixabay,canva

Albanian cat names are often similar to names of other countries, so that you can use these as inspiration for your cat’s name. For example, you might want to choose a name that means “light” or “happiness.” Or maybe you’d like something more traditional such as a classic name like “Cookie.”

  • Rrafsh (meaning “a person who is smart”)
  • Zuleika (meaning “little cat”)
  • Kiara (meaning “Queen”)
  • Mungjel (meaning “beautiful eyes”)
  • Rilindja (meaning “the rebirth” or someone reborn)
  • Riza (meaning “wise”) Rexhep (meaning “respectable”)
  • Shkurte (meaning “name of a flower”)
  • Shandi (meaning “I am thankful”)
  • Punishment (meaning “purple”)
  • Benik (meaning “faithful person”)
  • Plumb (meaning “little dove”)
  • Lutfi (meaning “beautiful”)
  • Morina (meaning “dreamer”)
  • Shkelqim (meaning “someone who is wise” or has wisdom)
  • Koco (meaning “a cockerel”)
  • Leka (meaning “king”)
  • Merrill (Another popular Albanian name)
  • Ibra (Short for Ibrahimovic, a famous footballer)
  • Shkumbin (River)
  • Kitty (Albanian)
  • Pesha (Albanian)
  • Bardhok (Albanian)
  • Gandhi (Albanian)
  • Kodi Shkumbin (River)
  • Estera (meaning “star-like” or “trustworthy”)
  • Shpendi (meaning “I am thankful”)
  • Pizza (male or female)

FAQs- Albanian cat names

1. What Does the Word “Albanian” Mean?

Albanian is an Indo-European language spoken by Albanians in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, and Turkey. Is there a difference between the words “Albanian” and “Albanian”? There is no difference between these two words. However, some people prefer to use Albanian instead of Albanian because it sounds better.

2. What Are Some Good Albanian Cat Names?

Here are some excellent Albanian cat names for your feline friend: Bardhok (Albanian) Gadhiu (Albanian) Kodi Shkumbin (River) Estera (meaning “star-like” or “trustworthy”) Shpendi (meaning “I am thankful”) Piza (male or female)

3. What Is the Most Popular Breed of Cat in Albania?

The most popular breed of cat in Albania is the Turkish Angora. They are long-haired, fluffy white cats with blue eyes and a sweet temperament. The average lifespan for an Angora is 12 to 16 years old.

4. How Many Syllables Are in An Albanian Name?

Albanian names are made up of two or three syllables. A name with only two syllables is usually stressed on the first one. A name with three syllables is often noted on the second and third.


We hope this list of Albanian cat names has helped you find the perfect one for your feline friend. If not, feel free to check out some other lists on our website for more ideas! We have a wide variety—and we’re always adding new ones.

You can also check out our list of Sweet Cat Names and unique cat names if you are looking for something different.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to comment below. We will be happy to help!

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